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6 Jun 2013
Work / A young Dutch man moving to Krakow-tips for work, living etc..... [38]

Once I met Dutch girl, when I told her that I am Polish, she started to complain about Polish people in her country saying--every Pole has a knife:))))

After some time I started to looking for something in my bag and I told her--O man where is my knife, I had to forget it somewhere lol.
11 Mar 2012
USA, Canada / Would like to move back to Poland from New York after living in USA for 20 years. [155]


If you want to change the place to live and come back to your fatherland it may be an excellent idea, but you should do it methodically. Start searching a proper job now, when you are in New York, you are in comfortable position and feel no pressure.It`s not rather a good idea to go back to Poland without any plan and to start looking for a job there. It can take a few months to find a job in Poland nowadays.

So if you send some applications, receive any responses, you can check how much they can pay you- if less then 4000 zl netto/month , it`s not worth a shot. If they will propose you more than that I think you should try. So tell us about your job searching in Poland , what did you do?
5 Mar 2012
UK, Ireland / Is moving to UK now a good idea? - antipolish prejudice of the Brits [231]

If you are interested how polish people treated milions of foreigners, read about Casimir the Great and about Jews, which were hated in all over the Europe and had to flee, in Poland they have found a safe home . That is the way that Poles treated milions of foreigners.

The first extensive Jewish emigration from Western Europe to Poland occurred at the time of the First Crusade (1098). Under Boleslaw III Krzywousty (1102–1139), the Jews, encouraged by the tolerant régime of this ruler, settled throughout Poland, including over the border into Lithuanian territory as far as Kiev. At the same time Poland saw possible immigration of Khazars, a Turkic tribe that had converted to Judaism.

King Casimir was favorably disposed toward Jews. On 9 October 1334, he confirmed the privileges granted to Jewish Poles in 1264 by Bolesław V the Chaste. Under penalty of death, he prohibited the kidnapping of Jewish children for the purpose of enforced Christian baptism. He inflicted heavy punishment for the desecration of Jewish cemeteries.

Although Jews had lived in Poland since before the reign of King Casimir, he allowed them to settle in Poland in great numbers and protected them as people of the king.[4]

Some Jewish historians say the Hebrew word for 'Poland' is pronounced as Polania or Polin in Hebrew. As transliterated into Hebrew, these names for Poland were interpreted as "good omens" because Polania can be broken down into three Hebrew words: po ("here"), lan ("dwells"), ya ("God"), and Polin into two words of: po ("here") lin ("[you should] dwell"). The "message" was that Poland was meant to be a good place for the Jews. In later centuries up to 80% of the Jewish world population lived in Poland.
28 Feb 2012
Love / Google: Polish women "easier" than English women - official! [52]

[Moved from]: Do English women like Polish men?

There is a lot of threads about polish women here, but I wonder what english women think about polish men.
So tell us please , what would you do for example if a polish lad would start to chatting you up in a pub etc. ?