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20 Jun 2012
Travel / How come no one ever seems to pay for the bus in Poland? [63]

Hey, doesn't matter if you're wearing a 'Spain' shirt, or a 'I love Kitty' shirt, never, never, never give the taxi driver money BEFORE you arrive where you want to be!

Also, Unless I'm completely wrong, taxi's have to display their tarrif. So yes, you could have got into a taxi whose tarrif was for double the 'normal' price per Km.

I remember seeing something on TV about a taxi driver who was charging 20zl per Km. If the tarrif is printed and on display, I'm told it is legal and you have to pay!

Anyone going to another country should try to find out a little about the services the might want to use whilst there!
20 Jun 2012
Travel / Ryanair travel by air - subtle scams to be wary of [98]

Please fasten your seatbelts, switch off your mobile phones and read the following. If you at any time feel queazy during reading, you will find a 'sick bag' err, oops I can't find one, sorry! Guess you will have to suffer!!!

The thing people have to remember is, as had already been mentioned, 'you get what you pay for'!.
Someone earlier mentioned the word 'scam'. But Ryanair aren't using scams. Come on guys, you have the option to cancel at any time during the process.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of their tactics, but they are money making tactics, not 'scams'.
We, the general public, want everything as cheap as possible. So of course companies are going to create our 'dream' product, but they can't give it away free, so they try to re-coup money where ever they can. As another poster said earlier, don't forget to check-in on-line, don't forget to print your boarding pass, don't expect a free meal, don't try to take a bag weighing 15kg as hand luggage.

If you book a flight from Wroclaw to Stanstead, and you indeed arrive at Stanstead, hey, you got what you paid for!!!
Otherwise, contact Richard Branson and tell him to start a low-cost airline flying from Poland to the UK. Virgin is one brand where they keeps costs to the customer low, but still try to ensure value for money and quality service.

If you want an interesting book to read, 'Business Stripped Bare' by Richard Branson.
11 Jun 2012
Travel / Is it safe to travel to Poland? [194]

Some people really do talk rubbish!!!
I've lived in Poland for more than three years without any mishap.
Yes there are homeless people wandering around, drunks being loud at night and teenagers being teenagers, just as in almost every other country in the world.

I have also met some of the kindest and most helpful people, ever in my life!
We had a girl came from New Zealand to work in Wroclaw for a few months. She had a fantastic time here and met people she has stayed in contact with. The real problem she had was on a trip to Berlin, where her bag was stolen along with all her money and documentation (yes I know, stupid idea to carry everything with her).

Someone talked about aggressive driving. I have a Renault Laguna 2.0L sports. The previous owner (Polish) used to use 10 or 11 litres per 100km. I drive around, getting everywhere I need to be, on time, even stopping to let people cross at Zebra crossings! I use 7.5 litres per 100km. Never had an accident either. So don't advise people to drive aggressively, drive sensibly and remain aware of the aggressive drivers around you.

There's a lot to Poland, so don't listen to all the negatives and form the wrong impression!
29 May 2012
Love / Polish men calling polish girl for dating englishman [80]

I know, it's just one of those strange coincidences - I read the old post yesterday, then happened upon this thread today!
Don't worry, I laughed at both the old and the new.
I mean, c'mon, you live in Oxford. If you were to bend over you'd spill the tea and knock over the little triangular sandwiches!!!

And I know, ladies don't bend over, they bend their knees and lower themselves gracefully, don't they???
29 May 2012
Love / Polish men calling polish girl for dating englishman [80]

Natasia, so you like the idea of 'where's me tea?' and 'bend over ...', because only yesterday I read a post from you advertising for a Polish husband!!!

There was a list of pre-requisites and yes..... high sex drive was one on the list........... hehehehehe
27 May 2012
Love / Polish men calling polish girl for dating englishman [80]

Come on everyone, this is a forum!
There are people who sit and think up what subject to write about, to generate some discussion/name calling/abuse between the users.
I don't believe the OP is English, not just because of the title with 'calling'. His English throughout his original and subsequent posts is DIRE!!!

He also said his father is a 'Scott', not sure if he is thinking of Ian Scott or John Scott. But, if he is thinking of Scottish, then of course he means 'Scot'

Come on Ant63, are you really serious thinking this guy is English?
He is of another nationality and just wanted to see how much commotion there would be!!!
Well, there are three pages of posts so far.............
12 Apr 2012
Language / It is not possible to translate names into English or Polish! [51]

WRONG!!! His name is Marcin Ogrodnik

My name is Paul and there are some Polish guys named Pawel. But it isn't a translation, it is a different version of the name!

Marcin is right, the name given to you by your parents is your name. If you yourself don't like your name you are free to change it, if not.......