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26 Jan 2012
Love / Is it acceptable for a Polish male to have a German girlfriend? [58]

Black...Mix kids(black and white or white and black) whatever combination are beautiful in the eyes of God that created us.
Polish,Germans , . jews ,romans,e.t.c just to mention but a few are all human.
One need to be tolerant and acceptable to all race be it turkish. asians...that is the spices of life that we can do nothing about..but some can hit their heads on the rock and say their cup to tea..

My point is I am all embracing and acceptable to all race, tribe, culture...Not because I have lived in a Multicultural soceity before but is because that is the reality that we cannot change..We have to be part of change and not against it.(pro-change not Ant-change

If we discrimate against other race why must we complaint when others discriminate against us?
what goes arround come arrounds..Dont do to others what you dont expected them to do to you does not matter if you are Black; white;mixed( with multiple racial combinations)

be nice.........
25 Jan 2012
UK, Ireland / Obtaining driving License in UK or Poland ..which is easier [8]

After more than 40 hours driving lesson I took the Polish computer driving test which I pasted at first attempt..
Wrote the practical 3 times and had a negetive result...My last trial was he best ever...but the problem was that I forgot to but down my hand break and the Examination was rendered over..

My question now is...I will be moving to Uk in 2 weeks time actually immigrating..Is obtaining a driving license very difficult in Uk too..Dont get me wrong driving the car outside examination condition during my driving lesson were ok.but examination situation once is tends to be stressed up and get stuffs mix-up...

I am going to continue in the Uk...
My second question is it possible to take a written document from a polish driving school to any school \driving licence board stating that i have driving for more than 40 hours

and that i only require the computer examination there in Uk and few driving hours....
Can some one clear the air on this issue ....I am sort of puzzled.