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28 Jan 2012
Study / Shocking! Test standards in Polish schools. [165]

As someone who left Poland as a child and went to an English school, I can definitely tell you that Polish education is not at a lower standard. I had come from a strict, demanding school environment to somewhere where a lesson's entire workload took me about 15 mins to complete and the rest could be spent listening to other people yell at each other. After coming back to Poland at 16, I was terrified because the level of education I was dropped right into was far beyond what the British schooling system had prepared me for. Needless to say, I will not be showing anybody my świadectwo any time soon.

I've also seen A-level students in Britain learn what is taught in Polish gimnazja. That's a level below, if I may point out.

Sure, Polish kids aren't that great at English and maybe it should be reviewed. But you know, English speakers aren't all that good at Polish, either. (I mean, OP cannot spell the name of the exam their wife's grading. Not saying that's a crime, but languages are super hard for some people, and just as slavic languages are a nightmare to English speakers, some slavic kids have serious problems with English.) Claiming that the entire education system is sub-par based on this example is pretty ridiculous if you consider actual standards at even a regular liceum.
28 Jan 2012
Love / Why do Polish girls and women look at me in a flirty way? [44]

Or maybe you're seeing things because of where you are? For some reason slavic women are considered to be hypersexual, or easy. They're probably looking at you the same way people look at anyone else in the street, and you're translating it into seduction.

OH, LOOK, I'M A POLISH WOMAN! ~*~*sultry eyes*~*~