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3 Jul 2012
Genealogy / Typical Polish Eye Color [77]

everyone in my family my dad has 8 siblings and my mom 4 siblings also my husband family we all have blue eyes or blue greay or blue green eyes, I have blue gray eyes my husband beautiful true blue color and our child has my color of eyes
26 Jun 2012
Love / Are Polish Girls scared of English Guys [124]

treacle25 and larwa is right !!!

most of polish girls are very shy specially when they are young !!! They are affraid of mistakes thats why they dont like to speak English so much.
18 May 2012
Love / Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish? [128]

its really depends but some of my colleagues are very conservative some not.

what I noticed.. that Polish girls are more open with the years.. when we are young we are general very shy.

and Im writting here about normal girls ... not some party one or etc. - this comment is to people who will start to write very offensive opinions about us.

and I bet there will be some.... ;/
18 May 2012
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

jusia9: Also Scandinavian culture is so far away from ours that such relations would be really really hard in my opinion.

What do you think are the main differences between Scandinavian and slavic culture?

they are more liberated ... I dont say its something wrong... but they loose some intimacy and emotionality with sex issues.
They just treat it like a food.
18 May 2012
Love / Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish? [128]

:) but I dont say they are not Hot ... they are .. I think Czech is more closer to Lech :)

I watched also movie that Poles like the best people from Czech republic than from Slovakia ..
maybe thats why

and Im half Slovak :) soo I think my opinion should not be taken into account
18 May 2012
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Ive lived in Norway for a while ... Scandinavians are attractive not because of their beauty... but because of money .. they can dress stylish ( sometimes even to much) but what I have noticed was that I didnt see really stunning beauty there .. they are just average .. nice some very nice... but not beautiful not stunning... girls have round eyes, round faces and chubby cheeks... men usually long faces.. some are tall but I have seen a lot not that tall with dark eyes and dark hair Norwegians. You can always find some defects with the way how they look ;/... I saw also monters there.. like women with very very long faces who look very masculine and the same with men. I think Wizard had right with saying that Germans and Poles can look similar and thats why we feel very attractive with each other... I never seen any Scandinavians (both men or women) who will impressed me. I agree they are pretty but I havent seen stunning people there ...

But Ive seen some Germans ( special men) after who I said WOW... blond tall beautiful eyes ... I would not agree with Wizard go to Hamburg area nearby Baltic sea in Poland and in Germany most of people are blond and blue eyed there.

But I agree and I understand that for Scandinavian boys Scandivnavian girls are the best .... and my advice is they should breed between each other because they are very small nations.

Also Scandinavian culture is so far away from ours that such relations would be really really hard in my opinion.

Everyone has his own taste... some love Polish girls some doesnt... thats normal
17 May 2012
Love / Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish? [128]

I travel quite a lot .. and I can say that slavic men can be really really beautiful comparing to Western boys.
Maybe only I see it because Im a Slavic girl (half Polish half Slovak) but they have something ... which boys from other nations can get.

They are very male, strong.. crazy, naughty, mysterious and can treat you like a queen .. and Im not talking about these bad ones !!
Lots of them changing in very good way ...
16 May 2012
Love / Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish? [128]

Merged: Polish women should stick only Polish men - agree or dissagree?

After reading so many unpleasent opinions on this forum .... I start to think that Polish girls should stick only with Polish men ... because only Polish guy can understand us !

what do you think about that ?
15 May 2012
Love / Do Polish girls like Balkan guys? [24]

we like Serbian guys... they are sexy very much !!! Ive seen some Serbian guys and they are hot true :) you are right southern !!
11 May 2012
Genealogy / I love Asiatic influences in Polish peoples' faces [59]

a.k. --- you see I told you many dumb people !!!

NorthMancPolak, natasia, pawian666 - I will tell you a secret :) Poles are just aliens !!!

I heard such things as well from someone !! hehe
10 May 2012
Love / Advice on how to make this Polish girl see me as more than a friend [23]

just ask her :) , Polish girls hardly ever do first step... if she is keeping you close that means she already likes you :)
thats our culture... girls hardly ever hunt they prefer to being hunted... also we dont start to talk about our emotions first.
you need to take this risk and ask her first.. she will say no or yes !!!

and this is an advice from a Polish girl :)
10 May 2012
Life / What Polish people think about the Italian and Spanish men? [39]


Im a Polish woman so maybe I will give you an advice :)

Most of Southern European/Mediterranean guys are not really in Polish type :), I travel through Spain a bit and most of men are in my height , which I dont find very attractive.

Most of girls like tall guys, well-built with very hard faces ... for us most of Spanish, Italian guys look a little bit gay ... I dont say all I dont want to offend someone and I dont want to generalize.. but I think you are just not in our type.

Once I met a Polish girl she speaks fluently Spanish and study in Grenada - she is beautiful blue eyed blond girl very attractive to Spanish guys. Of course they love her in Spain, but when I asked her which guys from Europe she finds most attractive she says Polish and Germans !!!!

I think you are just not in her type ..;. maybe with your appearance maybe with behaviour.

Also you should read what Danish scientists discover by studied behaviour of behaviour of blue eyed people..

They the reason why blue eyed people still exist is because more often blue eyed girls ( more often not always) choose as a father of her children blue eyed men. And interesting thing is that for blue eyed men it doesnt matter if the girl is blue eyed or brown eyed. This is the girl thing only !!!

thats why in Poland we have one of the biggest amount of blue eyed people in whole world.

Im blue eyed dark brown girl and I always found out more attractive men with blue eyed ( hair doesnt matter) than the brown eyed. And the nationality doesnt matter for me !!
10 May 2012
Love / Malaysian Girl with Polish Guy... any chance together? [16]

in our culture boys hunts not girls !! well not so often ... I would say let him ... dont talk to him.... leave him without an explanation ... maybe it will works...

Polish guys are like that ... they always love you more if you are a kind of mean girl who doesnt care
14 Apr 2012
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Frank - big kisses from Polish girl :)
I travel a lot through Europe and I must say there are lots of people in these countries but I think .... lots of people here ( and I think in all Slavic country) have beautiful shape of eyes

and also our facial bones are very specific.... I think that these featuresof us other nations find very attractive.

you are very kind and thank you for your compliment
23 Jan 2012
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

OP Neo-nazi? what are you talking about ?

Look on the American article:
During the Zamosc expulsions the Germans seized many children from their parents to be racially screened for possible adoption by German parents in the SS Lebensborn ("Fount of Life") program. As many as 4,454 children chosen for Germanization were given German names, forbidden to speak Polish, and reeducated in SS or other Nazi institutions, where many died of hunger or disease. Few ever saw their parents again. Many more children were rejected as unsuitable for Germanization after failing to measure up to racial scientists' criteria for establishing "Aryan" ancestry; they were sent to children's homes or killed, some of them at Auschwitz of phenol injections. An estimated total of 50,000 children were kidnapped in Poland, the majority taken from orphanages and foster homes in the annexed lands. Infants born to Polish women deported to Germany as farm and factory laborers were also usually taken from the mothers and subjected to Germanization. (If an examination of the father and mother suggested that a "racially valuable" child might not result from the union, abortion was compulsory.)

You dont know the history of migration of the Pole inside Poland, people from lower silesia are mostly came from Ukraine. I think that most of people on the west cant some how believe that Poles are blond... come on guy you have been here only for a while. Have you ever been in the kindergarten in Poland? What can you really say about us ?
23 Jan 2012
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

which part? Most people visit south of POLAND - Karkow thats all. I dont say that all Poles are blond and light eyes. There are regions where more % of Poles are blond and blue eyed and there are parts where they arent. On the south people are more dark, they are also mix with Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian a lot not all but many!
23 Jan 2012
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

Harry - my husband's family ( and they are from Szczecin ) they are all blond and blue eyed - before the war they used to live nearby Plock , Im born on lower silesia but my mother and all her family are from central Poland - they are also all blond and light eyes (my mom has gray) but my father's family come from Slovakia ( my grandmother had also Ukrainian blood) half of my father sibling ( and they were 7) were blond and blue eyed and half had dark hair with blue eyes. My mom is blond my father dark brown hair both blue eyed, Im dark brown with blue-gray eyes and my brother blond hair with blue eyes. My husband is light blond and my child is dark blond. But what is more interesting noone has different color of eyes then blue, green or gray. What I can noticed many Poles born as a blond when they are growing color starts to be more dark, most men cut they hair very short and they dont dyed them. So its really hard sometimes to see what kind of color they hair have. You should noticed more that Poland is a land for many light eyes people!!
19 Jan 2012
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

he meant about the amount of the people here. Poland has almot 40milions of inhabitants and over 50% ( so over 20milions are blond) when origin three Scandinavians country which are : Denmark, Sweden and Norway has around 20 milions of inhabitants in total !!!!

Finns are not origin Scandinavians !! But you are right the highest % of is in Finland but not with the amount !!!
18 Jan 2012
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

over 70% of Polish population have light eyes ( blue, gray, green, blue-green)
over 50% of Poles are blond and light eyed people

most of the Poles when they are born are blond ( from dark blond to super blond) but when they are getting older the color change more to dark.

Im blue-green eyes and dark brown woman, both my parents ( their sibling and my grand parents are blue eyed).
I have light blond husband with blue eyes
our child is dark blond with blue eyes.

What I have noticed in the kindergarten - that for 33 children only 3 have really dark hair, rest even if they are brown eyed are blond.

What I have noticed that in Poland more often we like to mix - usualy blond girl has dark hair men, and blond guys love dark hair women.

I was never blond but my brother was super blond when he born.
My father has light eyes and black hair and my mother is blond with gray eyes.

I think that blue eyed people are the majority here.

Poles make reasearch what kind of man like the Polish women. They found out that dark hair with light eyes :)