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3 Jan 2012
Life / The Polish Wedding - What is it Like in Poland? [338]

Hi ( Learning), Generally people go home for a few hours if they are not living too far away or stay with friends and relatives in the area

hey marcus just reading ur post there , im taking the step myself end of the year , looks like u had amazing day

jus wondering how ya got on with bands to suit both parties , or did ya just go with the polka trad . night ... kinda trying to plan everythin out , the second day do u keep the same venue or do ya book some where else , more often than not now in western europe ie ire ,uk the second day is just as important , booking out other venue ,pubs or resturants ,

if u could drop us a pm could do with a name of a good band an any info really on the day , the mrs to be is looking after most of it , but im keen on getting the music department right . cheers in advance
up and at them   
29 Dec 2011
Food / Alcohol Prices for Wedding in Warsaw - Advice needed [19]

well paddyr can u pm me let us know how ya got on , in the same boat next year , an need to get few bits sorted ,

drink to buy wholsale or jus run with the hotel deal
music, looking for mix of both bit of polish an bit of irish , maybe trad n few usual weddings songs
english speaking priest,
have the venue nailed i think n church , just need bit direction on the above ,

thanks in advance