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27 Dec 2011
Life / Poland's population growth problem [44]

I've already talked about it in a lot of different topics, but well...

One important thing that people didn't mention in this topic is fertility rate. A fertility rate below 2.11 points equals a decline in population no matter what you say. It doesn't really matter if our population slightly increases 4 years in a row, and you'll see why. -> this video shows what will happen if everything goes as it is at the moment -> this graph shows Japan's age structure - soon our will look similar

And now look at Poland's population (20-year period):

year 1990
year 1995
year 2000
year 2005
year 2010
And this is how our population may look like in 40 years.

In just 20 years from the youngest population in Europe (or one of the youngest) we're turning into an old population like Japan/Sweden. The quality of life has improved, so we're gonna have more and more people aged 70+. And people aged 70+ aren't productive and die massively. And if that's how it looks now, imagine the next 20 years. How on earth this short number of workers is going to earn money for themselves as well as pay enough to the social system to provide older people with pensions? Aside from the incoming crisis - this is a huge problem.

In my opinion - the best way to increase birth rate is getting the government OUT of our personal lives. Taxes and expense reduction as well as controlled destruction of our social system. This will make people think: "If I'm old there will be no pension. So I'm gonna need children who will help me when I'm older".

finally open our borders to Poor asian, african and south american nations, give the immi's a home/flat/apartment, some money make them learn polish and they should find a job.

Are you being serious? GIVE them flats? Good luck with that socialist agenda. It will lead to the same situation as in France/UK/Germany. Well... I suppose letting them take over our country is one way to do things :)
1 Dec 2011
News / How Polish diaspora see future of Poland? as ethnic Polish state or just Polish in origin? [120]

Polish will be an ethnic state for a while... HOWEVER - After our country goes bankrupt (the funny thing is that it can still be stopped, but those idiots/agents/eu-fanatics in Parliament won't allow it), and people get older (according to every demographic projection) - we'll have a society of old people incapable of work and a small number of people in the age when they can still work. Since there's no economic model to sustain a population like this, massive immigration awaits us. My guess - Chinese. And ethnic Poles will die out sooner or later... unless we have another Miracle on the Vistula :)

All for the sake of "tolerance", "multiculturalism" and "social security". Sometimes I'm thinking Europe is beyond salvation. Once great and proud place...
19 Nov 2011
News / Polish Independence Day-Beware? [59]

Since I attended the Independence March, I'll briefly say how it looked like from my perspective:

People were very high-spirited, and the whole March was a success. The shouting wasn't politically correct (but cmon, does it have to?), but showed how people feel towards their country and their government. About 20 thousand people marched peacefully putting aside the Police/Antifa provocations.

And still we're being called fascists / nazis / homophobic / xenophobic.

I completely agree riots were a provocation and I feel ashamed the Police participated in this. It feels like after quite short period of independance we're returning to PRL. And remember what government officials said? There's gonna be an amendment to the law on assemblies - which may lead to banning the march next year, and ultimately - every kind of protest (I guess the government is preparing for crisis).
19 Nov 2011
News / Donald Tusk's Government of Poland Continues to Oppress Poles [161]

As long as we have the same government, it doesn't matter even a bit. Everything will proceed according to agenda, as it used to. These cosmetic changes are probably the result of inside (party) agreements, and will provide media enough topics to talk about during the next few weeks, putting aside important stuff like necessity to reduce debt, reduce spending, cutting social expenses, cutting administration expenses or completely irrational policy of further tax increase.

Also, I don't agree that we live in a democracy, since democracy is not a political system (its just a method to choose your dictator). Our current political system would be most likely be Oligarchy (bunch of people controlling literally every aspect of our lives). I don't remember being given the right to vote on the Lisbon Treaty for example...
18 Nov 2011
News / Will you be proud of tranny (transsexual) representing Poland ? [124]

It doesn't matter for me whether a politician is transsexual, homosexual, straight or even a priest as long as he/she does a good job. But I'm afraid that's not the case with Ms Grodzka. She's been elected BECAUSE she is transsexual, not because of her policies. It's also the same with Robert Biedroń, who's a well known gay. As for Grodzka - quite a number of my friends voted for her without any good reason (unless you count being transsexual as a good reason). It seems that you can enter the parliament as long as you are showing off your difference from the mainstream. And that's a disgrace.

But well... we're living in a democracy so I guess it's "a common European standard".
17 Nov 2011
News / Will Poland be badly hit by Recession ? I don't think so. [70]

Of course Poland will be hit badly and it's just a matter of WHEN (not IF). If the government keeps this level of spending, join the euro (which is controlled by the ECB, not the NBP), or hide the debt, our economy will just keep falling more and faster like a ball on a slippery slope. Regarding the debt: I'd like to remind that stated 800 billion Z£ isn't the actual debt, because it doesn't cover ZUS for example (Social Insurance System, which debt is aprox 4 times higher).

Also, we won't be able to sustain economy growth because of the demography. Right now we have 2 generations of Poles (quite a number) working. Very soon (about 5 years from now, and so on, according to prof Krzysztof Rybiński) one of these waves will start to retire. ZUS won't be able to handle this situation, because there won't be enough workforce. And when the 2nd generation will start to retire, it'll be all over. If you don't belive - look at the charts/numbers/facts. And remember that we have a fertility rate of 1,2-1,3 which is almost 1 point below the bare minimum required to sustain a population.

The only question is - will Poland be able to sustain its culture and whether our people will be able to wake up.

Cheers :)