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4 Jan 2012
History / Mother tongue in Poland - acccording to 1931 census. [173]

My grandfather was born in Ropczyce in 1900 and fought in the war against Russia. After the war, probably in 1922, he moved to a city near Tarnopol, where my father was born in 1925. Could anybody tell me what were the government promisses to ex-soldiers in order they could leave their hometowns and go eastern beyond the Bug River?
8 Nov 2011
Law / Retirement laws in Poland [11]

Is there any benefit in terms of old pension for Poles who never contributed? Like minimum wage or so?
8 Nov 2011
Travel / Warsaw-Gromnik-Munich-Koln-Berlim-Warsaw? Poland-Germany-Poland by train [8]

Next June I intend to spend three weeks visiting Poland and Germany by train (Eurailpass, five legs). I will be landing in and departing from Warsaw. From there I would like to go to Gromnik, Berlim, Koln and Munich. What would be the best routing? Example: Warsaw-Gromnik-Munich-Koln-Berlim-Warsaw.