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18 Nov 2011
Language / Druszlak or cedzak? [6]

We use both forms of the words you quoted although in some regions of Poland one is more popular than another. And I think that nowadays most people don't realise they are of German origin.
1 Nov 2011
Law / Allegro for non-Polish users -- Cancel order, bank transfer, contacts for help, etc. [19]

I haven't used allegro for years but had a quick look now and couldn't find any email contact address on allegro website (the contact form opened fined tough). And I know it's a shame that they don't have an English version.

Yes, you can make a transfer from any other bank to Poland using IBAN account number, but usually you will also need a bank code called SWIFT or BIC. You should also be aware that making transfer abroad you'll more than likely incur high fees for this service from your bank.
31 Oct 2011
UK, Ireland / What do you like about living in Britain? [134]

I wonder what do you like about living in Britain. At first I thought of asking this question to Poles living in Britain but actually it would be nice to hear from anyone who lives in the UK what they like best.

- I like the temperature - one type of clothes all year round and no need for winter tyres :-) But I need to complain about the rain though

- Ulster fry - yum
- muuuuuuuuuuuuuch less stresful lifestyle - and that was my main reason to move,
- National Trust sites,
- a chance to learn English the way people speak and not the one a school teaches you( I know, it's not always a good thing),
31 Oct 2011
Life / Polish Film World and Poland Movie Reviews [30]

I watched this last week.
I think it was quite universal and being Polish doesn't change much in perception of that situation. It's more personal point of view in my opinion. The husband in that film was a psycho or/and fanatic, she was with him because she was grateful that he looked after her. And when a guy appeared, who she really loved, she was happy to sacrifice her marriage to be with him. I wouldn't like to be on the husband's place but I can't blame her that she wanted to be happy. And moreover: sex - if we believe Mr Freud - is a motor and a source of the whole human psychological life. And the film showed that what the wife enjoyed wasn't only platonic love.