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19 Mar 2012
Language / I am struggling how to determine which case to use in Polish, can anybody help? [12]

with whom? z lampą

this is the case I have trouble with, as 'interesuję się sportem' and 'Gertha jest Niemką' are not 'with' anybody- I can't see the tools or means in this sentence. I just wondered if anybody could give a clearer explanation of that one case for me. Not the rest I am doing just fine with them.

Interesować się always takes instrumental.
Uczyć się always takes dopełniacz.

Thank you, now I have been told I will have no trouble remembering it. It would have been great if I could have found this information somewhere on the web, it's so awkward trying to gather learning material.

I will definitely look into purchasing an academic book, in the meantime however, I am trying to cram as much learning in as possible before my trip to Poland in 6 weeks!
19 Mar 2012
Language / I am struggling how to determine which case to use in Polish, can anybody help? [12]

I have the definitions of all the cases and the description of when to use them, but I am confused by some of the cases, such as:

pod stołem (under the table) uses the instrumental case, I understand this case to demonstrate the 'tools or means' of the sentence, but I don't understand how that sentence fits into this description.

'interesuję się sportem' also confuses me, as what is the tools or means here? I can see this case working with 'przyjechałam somochodem' as the car is the tool in the sentence, but I don't understand it with the other examples. I think I just need a clearer description of the instrumental case than 'by the tools or means' and after prepositions such as 'z' 'za' 'być' and 'zostać' can anybody help?
18 Jan 2012
UK, Ireland / Why are Polish people, especially women, so disrespectful toward the English? [313]

I think it depends, I have a Polish boyfriend and he hates Poland, he lives in the UK and love it over hear and English people..but I do know some of his friends, mainly female, who are very rude about English people. We are fat, stupid, ugly, lazy and England is a **** country and they are saving up all their money to go back to Poland and buy a house there..after a few years of child support here though of course.

My boyfriend couldn't be more different though! we are going strong at almost 2 years and couldn't be happier :D
18 Jan 2012
UK, Ireland / I want to find an accredited Polish qualification in England. [4]

I am currently working my way through a Polish course which is provided to people in America, it is at degree level but as I am in the UK I cannot enrol. I am working very hard on my studies practically every night and would like some kind of qualification/proof of my ability to write on my C.V!

Does anybody know of any?

I cannot take on full time study as I work full time-but evening and weekends is fine!
29 Sep 2011
Language / Need Polish phrase for a Polish party I am attending [3]

I am getting towards intermediate in Polish, I am great at reading, writing and pronouncing but I have trouble putting sentences together in my head! (mainly because I am still ploughing my way through grammar) Could you please help with some phrases I can use that make sense for a party I have this Saturday?

Anything would help, but things like this would be what I am looking for;

I have not seen you for ages, you look great Monika
How does it feel being 25 now?
I started a new job last week, but its quite boring
I work with my school friend and my boss is a **** explicit
I promise I am not going to get too drunk tonight!
I am going to Poland next summer with Adam again
I really liked Poland, I would like to live there but I don't think there would be any job for me
mmmmm, this tastes really good (about a drink)
I love your clothes
you are so skinny now! I need to go on a diet!
Please can I have another drink?
Where are we going next?

or just along those lines, sorry for being a pain!!!
(even simpler ones would be fine too)