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5 Sep 2011
Study / Is there an elementary school with English as a main language in Poland? [14]

There's a very good private school in Wroclaw that teaches children either bilingually (English/Polish) or exclusively in English. It's expensive
but it ensures that your kid won't be left behind in a class exclusively for Polish kids. Just go to Google and type in- bilingual school wroclaw- and it should come up.
3 Sep 2011
News / Polish Students Striking in Lithuania [80]

Yeah that's an interesting article, I didn't realize the Lithuanian government was required to consult the
Polish minority before they made any changes.

Still in a country like Lithuania where they have only about 4 million people I don't really care if they don't
want to suit the needs of minority languages. I mean how many people in the world even speak Lithuanian...
3 Sep 2011
News / Polish Students Striking in Lithuania [80]

Did I really just lurch into it? I read an article about it online, I think in Rzeczpospolita, just thought it was interesting.
Is there something I'm missing? How is my conclusion that ignorant?
1 Sep 2011
News / Polish Students Striking in Lithuania [80]

So I guess the Polish minority kids in Lithuania aren't going to go to school. Is this the right decision?

Or does the Lithuanian government have the right to demand that students learning in its schools
learn in the national language of the country they're in?

I think that if the parents want their kids to learn in Polish then they should set up private Polish
schools. It's unfair to demand that a foreign government set up schools in a language other than
its own.
1 Sep 2011
Food / Cheapest grocery store in Wroclaw? [5]

I don't know if it's that cheap but I used to walk down to Renoma and go to the Alma in the basement. It's cleaner and has better selection than