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8 Jun 2011
Love / I was late and this Polish girl flipped out [36]

actually she told me that being 30 mins late was very disrespectful. and i notified her too through text right at meeting time. ah, oh well. well i been told i was beautiful before and have been approached by attractive european and other girls. but who the heck know? has been said girls has a wider attraction than guys. maybe she just not into the look.

well she told me she was highly educated but whatever. i ask her for the truth and thats what i got, well dunno if she was being honest but whatever.
7 Jun 2011
Love / I was late and this Polish girl flipped out [36]

hey chessymac, are you polish? i researched that polish etiquette that within 15mins late is ok. and anything after that is bad manner? do polish people take this very seriously? its not so strict for social in america, so i didn't know how polish viewed this. i wasn't trying to be a bad person.
7 Jun 2011
Love / I was late and this Polish girl flipped out [36]

p.s.: the face to face meeting was like this. She smiled at me from a distance like with curiosity. Then bothered to shook and hand and said to me in my face with calm anger that I have no time for me and walked away.

Now does this definitively mean she didn't like my look or hint at something else? She could've just walked away immediately if she didn't like my look but she bothered to actually shook my hand? What this mean?

7 Jun 2011
Love / I was late and this Polish girl flipped out [36]

I met this local polish girl who is a foreign worker and we clicked well on line. Seems we were both in intellectualism (science and so on).

I was running a bit late and she completely flipped out when she met me, even though I texted her at the meeting time informing that I would be late when I was on the train and its not like I didn’t notify her.

She understood most of my communication, but it seemed she had trouble understanding my text message saying that I may be late by 10mins or so.

When she met me she flipped out and told me that she had no time for me.

I mean if you really like someone you would cut them some slack. I feel if the situation were reversed, I would’ve been more lenient especially with a notification. But then again, girls have always been known to be more picky than boys in general. Now we already knew what each other look like from online picture before the meeting.

Is this kinda reaction normal with polish girls or something going on there? A personality thing?

By the way, I’m not polish. Don’t know the culture/ polish girls.

Prefer good polish people to help me out here.