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5 Jul 2011
Language / Is fluency in Polish for an English speaker possible?! [30]

Could anybody tell me what is so diffcult in Polish 'R'? I know Polish language is difficult especially due to the fact of having several cases (it is not easy to speak correctly since you have to first think in which case particular word should be to add correct suffix) but did not know there is a problem with "R" :-)
10 Jun 2011
Travel / Narrow-gauge railway into the Kampinos forest in Poland [9]

Kampinos National Park is really nice forest with several secrets... it is really worth to see place.

If you like old bunkers and military buildings this place is really worth to see.
8 Jun 2011
Love / Iron Maiden on Wedding party? Only in Poland (in 1984 :-) [9]

Des Essientes - yes Polish Pilots took part in Battle of Britain, there where 4 Polish Squadrons. 5% of of the Pilots during this battle where from Poland (144 pilots). They distroyed 170 German Planes (12% of the total number of Germa planes destroyed during that Battle).
8 Jun 2011
Travel / Polish trains often get frozen and are overcrowded? :-) [35]

This is how Poles travel using Polish trains :)

In Poland trains often gets frozen, hence they stop on station and cannot run. Passengers are asked to move to other really crowded trains.
7 Jun 2011
Food / Polish Pizza !! The best in the world? [194]

Yeah... polish pizza with mashrooms... not always what you see is what you get :-)

This the reason why Poles do the pizza by themselves.