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3 May 2011
Life / Need Some Advice about life in Poland (vehicle, fuel) [24]

So what are you going to be doing in Warsaw work wise? and if you dont mind me asking how old are you?

If im ever down that way and you fancy a kick in the park of the footy to bemuse the Poles I am down for it :P

Not quite figured that out yet mate, i'll possibly start my own business. Im 33 years old.

Ha, sounds good although football (soccer) is more my game.
3 May 2011
Life / Need Some Advice about life in Poland (vehicle, fuel) [24]

Ahh, i reckon you should be okay. I did pretty much the same journey, London to Warsaw and didnt have too many problems.

Well, im actually English. Ive been over here for a few months visiting family and friends. But im off to Warsaw as my fiancee is Polish and thats where we are planning on living for a few years. Ive been to Poland many times, great country, im just a bit worried about how i'll make a living.

Oh and im definitely a footy fan, i saw Carlton Vs Richmond at the G when i was in Melbourne for the F1 a few weeks ago, great stadium!

If it were me id go for a fun jap car, everyone drives VAG's over there, be different :-)
3 May 2011
Life / Need Some Advice about life in Poland (vehicle, fuel) [24]

Where will you be driving. Ive driven in Poland and i didnt find the roads to be too bad and that was in a modified Integra DC5.

Where about in Aus are you from?Iim currently in Brisbane and am moving over to Warsaw in a few weeks.
3 May 2011
Real Estate / Introduction and help w/employment opportunities and Polish housing prices etc. [11]

Thanks very much for all your replies, seems like a friendly forum.

@ Harry - Im not sure there is a huge amount of work in the environmental field at the moment. My fiancee is in the same industry and although she has a job, it is on short term contracts as and when the consulting companies are able to win projects.

Why is it not a good time to develop property, is the market on the way down? Surely if the market is relatively stable there is money to be made from renovating 'tired' properties. Or is it the case that there is not a market for refurbished property e.g. people would rather buy and do work themselves?

@JonnyM - I am not looking at opening an environmental consulting organisation initially, so i dont think liability etc would be an issue, correct me if im wrong. I would like to open a coffee shop. I would be doing this with one other Polish investors who have a little experience in this field. We would obviously like to reign in initial investment amounts, given rents seem to be quite high, however we would not want to compromise the final product, 50K zl is potentially available though.

Regards property development, I heard that capital gains i around 19%, but can be avoided if you sell after a certain time period. Do you know if you are capital gain tax exempt if the property is your primary residence?

@Zman - Could you elaborate on this registration process please. What is an sp z o. o. ?

Thanks again, your insight is really appreciated.
2 May 2011
Real Estate / Introduction and help w/employment opportunities and Polish housing prices etc. [11]

Hi fellow PF members,

Thought id come and introduce myself, my name is Matthew and i'm an English man looking at moving to Poland, Warsaw to be exact.

A bit of background, my fiancee is Polish, we met in London and after living in London for 5 years it's time i experience life in her homeland. I have been to Poland many times over the past few years, i have only ever enjoyed my time in Warsaw, its a great city.

My Polish language skills are weak at best, but i can get by. Im hoping that once i am actually living in Poland my language will improve, jeez it has to!

I stumbled across this forum when trying to do some research on potential employment opportunities and polish housing prices etc. To say the details i uncovered have dampened my previous enthusiasms is an understatement. I am lucky that my fiancee has a job as it appears i have very little chance of getting a job in my 'field'. I am an environmental consultant, specialising in contaminated land, so if anyone needs an old industrial site investigating i'm your man :-)

Unfortunately it appears that native speaking is really my only employment option. Given the popularity of this work stream can anyone tell me if it is difficult to find work as a native speaker. Would i be required to have any formal teaching qualifications?

I have contemplated starting my own business in Poland, as this is how ive worked in the past. Could anyone tell me how long it may take to start my own business and are there any cost implications.

I have some experience of property development, is this something which is common in Poland? Does anyone know if there is scope to do this in Poland? Is capital gains tax an issue?

Apologies for all the questions, but i really am quite daunted by the prospect of trying to earn a living in Poland and any help would be massively appreciated.