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12 Apr 2011
Love / How do Polish men feel about gender equality? [753]

Merged thread:
Gender equality among Polish couples.


I have a question about gender equality among Polish coupples, married, or among people who are dating.
How does the gender equality look like among coupples in Pl?
If you go out w a girl/guy, who usually pays? Does the men always end up paying for woman on a first date, regular basis, etc?

Or is is splitted up?

How does it look like among coupples in the household (married, or living together). Is it the woman or men who usually stays on maternal (maternity?) leave?Is there any benefits available such as parental leave?

Who usually pays the most in the household (or biggest burden)? Is there any "norms" of how the distributions of house work, and economics payments is divided btw coupples, what "tactic" do you use? Is the men usually paying the most in the household or do you split w your partner (how do you divide the economic costs??) in your relationship?? Or do you just separate your sallaries and eachone pays for themselves, even in a common household (w/or wh children) or relationship. How do you work it out?

thanks for advice