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24 Jun 2007
Life / Polish Movies and News with subtitles to learn Polish language [24]

Here are a couple of polish films doing the rounds on the net.

As to where you get them, you can try your local blockbuster or blockbuster online

Plac Zbawiciela (2006)
Z odzysku (2006)
Palimpsest (2006)
Oda do radosci (2005)
Komornik (2005)
Czas surferów (2005)
Skazany na bluesa (2005)
Mój Nikifor (2004)
Pornografia (2003)
Glosniej od bomb (2002)
The Pianist (2002)
Tam i z powrotem (2002)
Lekcja polskiego kina (2002)
Miss mokrego podkoszulka (2002)
Listy milosne (2001)
Cisza (2001)
Pieniadze to nie wszystko (2001)
Angelus (2000)
Zycie jako smiertelna choroba przenoszona droga plciowa (2000)
Taniec trzcin (2000)
Dlug (1999)
Pan Tadeusz (1999)
Fuks (1999)
Voyages (1999)
Fotoamator (1998)
Bandyta (1997)
Pancia (1997)
Tata z Ameryki (1997)
Unser fremdes Kind (1997)
Matka swojej matki (1996)
Szamanka (1996)
Stan niewazkosci (1994)
20 May 2007
Love / Why are Polish women so sexy ? [390]

I agree, us Polish women are sooo hot. It's possibly because we're the perfect total package. Most of us are gorgeous, with killer looks. In addition we possess intelligence, along with an appealing personality to match.

I suppose that's only a few of the reasons why we're so desirable!

I had an encounter with a desirably gorgeous polish girl once and the first thing i noticed was her elegance, her lovely smile, her long killer legs, her softly spoken melodic voice and her gentle manner.

Did she have small boobs?

let's just say she was well-proportioned.
10 May 2007
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

someone pls tell me though, what exactly does "Dziecinko" it rude?

and is there a way of saying 'babe' (in a nice way)?
8 May 2007
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

I don't think she was much impressed with me coming onto this website. She said slangs on this site are not meant for a 'real woman'
8 May 2007
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

Oh no, a polish lady friend of mine visited UK for the bank holiday weekend and i was simply trying to impress her with some polish expressions.

And as per 'one night stands'......a gentleman never tells :)