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5 Feb 2011
Law / I want to run a Persian (Iranian) restaurant in Poland! [46]

I love the idea. The best is to start from Warsaw. You could open a self service restaurant. Pay for the entry and eat as much as you want. You could serve a halal meat. It doesn`t make a difference for local people and it would attract muslim socity here.

I really miss this sort of restaurants in Poland....
3 Feb 2011
Travel / My comments about Poland after staying there. [28]

I think you see more girls becasue you pay attention to them and you don`t look at guys ;) The Mosque is open on Fridays only during the day time but it is worth to go if you are looking for a muslim community. You can buy a halal meat there, as well.
2 Feb 2011
News / Polish teenager gives birth live on British TV [15]

Halina, what is your problem? How many English children were born in US, Canada, Australia or new Zealand etc??! Don`t be radiculous! Btw she uses the bad language becasue she is in pain. Big deal!! Be more understanding..
2 Feb 2011
USA, Canada / Moved back from Canada to Poland:). Here are the reasons why. [868]

the fact that a married man goes and flirts with other women is a NEW concept to me since in Canada it is a BIG NO, NO and it is not acceptable in most circles.

I disagree. Polish men are the same as the rest guys in the world. Most of them are loyal and loving husbands. You can not generalise all married Poles because you came across one disrespectful man in Poland... chatting is not good and acceptable anywhere in the world including Poland!
31 Jan 2011
History / Esperanto - an effort by a Pole ... [122]

who cares what nationality was Zamenhof. It is about the language Esperanto not him. I love Esperanto and the great idea behind it!
23 Jan 2011
Life / Expats, do you use Polish language for most of time when you are in Poland? [12]

My husband speaks more English than Polish language. He goes to work, speak English. He watches English TV channels. He speaks English at home... however somehow he learns Polish words and he is getting better and better. In few years he will use more Polish than English!
20 Jan 2011
News / Smoking ban in Polish bars and restaurants (AT LAST!) [400]

The world's first ban on smoking in public places was introduced by who? Nazi Germany in 1941.

Interestingly, Hilter, Franco and Mussolini were all non-smokers (with Hitler the most rabid of them), while FDR and Churchill both liked a puff

That`s very interesting news. Thanks for sharing it with us!