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18 Jul 2007
News / Illegal drugs in the EU - Polish gangs are top sellers [56]

They are selling to people in Poland, but thay might be more inclined to give it to English people, unfortunately. It's not hard to make. Here in the U.S. a lot of gangs from big cities drive out to the countryside and go into forests and make it with common things you can find in a drug store, like cough drops and stuff. It's probably the worst drug out there. Last I heard people would take pipes and heat up one end until it's red hot and then snort it. The end that's hot melts the meth and it is easier to intake. It seriously is worse then PCP and anything else.
3 May 2007
Love / Fell in love with a Polish girl, but find it difficult to approach her [620]

Quoting: Ken Noddy
A very interesting point you raise here. Can a man be just good friends with a woman and want nothing more than friendship? Now, be honest fella's!

Yeah, I'd really like to hear more mens' opinions on this.

A lot of men are horny assh*les who are shallow as hell, but it is possible.
This is why leagues are established lol.

Go talk to her.

Ella es la nina que siempre busco.
29 Apr 2007
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

Yes, mine was forced to work for some lady in the german countryside. She has all these stories like how the ladies husband was a rich handsome doctor and he cheated on his wife with every women in town.

My grandma escaped once and she had a german friend in town who helped her get an attorney. They went to court and the judge proved that my grandma was too young to be a slave (???) and let her go.

The lady also had all these metals that the Nazi government would give people of "aryan" descent who had babies. She had like 8 kids and had all these gold medals, which she would melt down and sell for money. She would treat her kids like crap though.

My grandma gets compensation from the German government now though.
Sorry for being offtopic.
29 Apr 2007
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

My grandma is polish and allowed to live during WWII because she has blue eyes and blonde hair. Her brother, however had brown hair and the soviets took him during the night and shipped him to a gulag in Siberia and was never seen again by any of us.