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30 Aug 2010
Life / Cost of Utilities in Warsaw. [23]


We are a young couple living in Warsaw in a 80m2 apartment but most of the time we are not there and travel few times a month for business. Not to mention that most of the summer and winter holidays (total of 3 months) we are not at the apartment. And ever since our first half a year bill of over 2000 zl for electricity - we have reduced any electrical usage but for the living room and kitchen (when actual cooking is done).

However, our electricity bill just keeps going up. It has come to the point that we are now getting a daily reading of electricity (which is in itself ridiculous) from our landlord and quarterly bills of average around 1000 zl. We do not use electricity for any heating (that is done via gas).

Generally we don't think that is normal and it definitely is much higher than our bills in our country of origin in Western Europe.

We can't speak Polish and the bills that we get from our landlord, upon our tedious requests, seem to be facsimiles and very unclear. In addition, our landlord aggressively INSISTS that such electricity consumption is normal.

If anyone here has any advice as to how we can seek professional help on this matter - that would be great.

We have tried contacting the RWE - but they are not willing to talk to us.

P.S. My email: 19fendi.a@gmail

Many thanks in advance
30 Aug 2010
Real Estate / Options for dealing with dishonest landlord in Poland [36]

I wouldn't rely on the Polish Branch of European Ombudsmen or Consumer Section - from my experience they were not familiar with the EU laws and provided incorrect information. And upon presenting clear evidence of a personal statement from Brussels headquarters on the law itself - they just decided to ignore it. I'm not sure why we are paying for them in the first place.

Anyways, check this website and contact the EU Ombudsman directly - they are far more efficient and legally reliable.

I can't give you a link - the website doesn't accept it here for fear of spam. Google EC Europa EU Consumers Citizens and you should be able to find it.

Good luck
31 Aug 2010
Life / Cost of Utilities in Warsaw. [23]


We don't have access to the meter - we live in a building complex and for some reason we can't go ourselves to check the meter located in the building somewhere. When we make such request, the landlord insists on calling the RWE guys to check it themselves.

So, we are stuck with bills as facsimiles.

The whole thing is very dodgy, especially given the amount we have to pay. This is why we would like to find someone to look at our bills and see what is going on there.
3 Sep 2010
Life / Cost of Utilities in Warsaw. [23]

Thank you guys so much for all your help! Harry without your help - we wouldn't have been able to spot some huge discrepancies in the alleged bills we got so far.

I'll let you know guys how we have dealt with the situation - cause now it is likely a criminal matter as well.

It is just unbelievable!

Thank you!