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9 Mar 2013
History / Animated, moving map of Poland (past to present)? [6]

Thank you Grzegorz for your help. But I have seen the video of "animated history of poland in 10 minutes". It is excellent! But I was looking for another video that is even more awesome! I just have to keep looking.... Best Regards!
3 Mar 2013
History / Animated, moving map of Poland (past to present)? [6]

Merged: Searching for animated video of Polish History

I am looking for a special animated video about Polish history. I do not know the name of the graphics company that produced it. Please let me describe a portion of this video. The video begins with the appearance of a gigantic terrifying monster. Its not any identifiable shape, but like a huge blob made of sharp swords and knives, cutting a path through Polish territory - representative of the Nazi invaders. There are also segments of Stalin breathing fire and the two invaders plunging knives into the map of Poland. I do not know who composed the music, which is Excellent. I would describe it as techno sound, with a very foreboding tone. If anyone has a copy of this video, I would very much appreciate it if you would share it with me. Or if you know the production company that made it and how I could get in touch with them! Thank you!!
21 Jun 2011
History / Role of Serbian medieval cavalry in formation of Polish hussars [20]

There is nothing wrong with demonstrating pride in one's country. Poland has contributed much to the world and has an amazing history, about which the world needs to know. I dare say that many people who are not even Polish respect, admire, and love Poland.
17 Nov 2010
Life / Examples of popular Polish music? [909]

Polish music is fantastic! Polish musicians excel in every genre of music! I have devoted a section of my website to Polish Music. There is something for every taste: classical, jazz, pop, rock, techno, hiphop, rap, reggae, ska, goth, opera, punk, choirs, and even a few hits from a famous group of the 60s named Czerwone Gitary, otherwise known as the Polish Beatles!! The only Polish country music group - as far as I know is Zayazd, whose style is a fusion of country-rock-folk. They are fantastic! There are several audio tracks of Chopin`s works, and many many music videos of Polish artists of all genres including their biographies. There are also many award-winning Polish composers whose music has been featured in popular American films!! Check it out at Polish Culture (a division of Polish Log onto: I know that there are many more Polish artists but it was impossible to include them all. I hope you enjoy the selection, and feel free to comment on it or make suggestions! Thank you!
27 Aug 2010
History / The memory about the Invasion of Poland 1939 - today's events [20]

On Wednesday, September 1, 2010, Polish Greatness (Blog) will present a Special Presentation online documenting the events of the September Campaign of 1939. Daily news reports will be posted on this blog along with archival video and photos. This is a unique opportunity to experience the news events as they happened. Subscribe to an RSS feed so you do not miss a thing!

To find the blog just enter into your browser!

I invite you also to visit my website at

I look forward to hearing from you!