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22 Nov 2010
Travel / Restaurant reviews in Poland. [86]


I ate out at "Ristorante Italiano" in the "Galeria Italiana" in the stare miasto this weekend - actually i've been there a few times already :)

The food was great and so was the service. It seems to be a popular place as there are always people there, sometimes there are even lineups to get in.

The owners and cooks are Italians.


We should make this thread a sticky in the Food & Drink section.
12 Nov 2010
Life / I saw Polish nationalism today [197]

I haven't heard anything recently about neo-Nazi here in the US.


They exist. They're also not afraid to use the swastika in public. I've seen these freaks with my own eyes.
10 Nov 2010
Life / Class system in Poland - does it exist? [53]

This only class division that I have noticed in Poland is that between educated and non-educated Poles.

University educated Poles seem to think of themselves as being superior to the rest. It's not very noticeable, but I do occasionally hear educated Poles say things like, "czy on(a) pisał(a) mature?" "czy on(a) skonczył(a) studia?" - usually these are harmless questions, but in Poland I find that these questions have a negative connotation.
3 Nov 2010
Life / Queues in Poland - everyone in line is sandwiched [44]

Poles will soon look like the creature on the right. Eating out is becoming more and more popular and lineups at mcdonald's/kfc are longer than most other eateries in shopping malls.

EDIT: Why did the admin/mod change the title of my thread?
3 Nov 2010
Life / Queues in Poland - everyone in line is sandwiched [44]

so many problems would be off your shoulders....

I hardly have any problems. This one is a minor one i only experience once or twice per week when buying groceries.

maybe they might try to pick-pocket

This was my biggest concern initially, now i keep my wallet in my front pocket.
3 Nov 2010
Life / Queues in Poland - everyone in line is sandwiched [44]

In most european countries i've visited people form queues with some breathing space between people - about a foot or so at least.

In Poland, it seems that whenever there is a line people are standing such that everyone in line is sandwiched. Lately i've been getting quite annoyed with this as i can't move a muscle without bumping into the person standing both in front and behind me. I've started to ask these people to give me some room - no surprise, i got a lot of odd looks.

Must i be in constant physical contact with an ugly obese polish babka or some guy that smells like he only showers once a month whilst waiting to pay for me groceries?

Are they afraid someone will jump in and steal the last loaf of bread? Do they realise it's not 1980 anymore?
3 Nov 2010
Food / Taste of food in Poland vs other countries [153]

I felt slightly adventurous one time so i bought polish spam "wieprzowa mielonka w puszce" in a polish grocery store. I almost puked when i opened it.
It's all about how you prep your food imo.

Spam is not real food by my books.

Unfortunately I think a lot of this problem stems from the fact that there is a certain section of society in Poland (the minority, but it seems like a large minority to me) who think that basically anything Polish is better than anything else in the world.

It wouldn't surprise me if some Poles thought that the oceans were created by the tears of Polish people weeping in sorrow and pity at how inferior every other country is.

Poles only think their food and women are superior. Everything else has to be foreign.

yeah Polish beef is quite good... even better then a TX steak... ;)

In your dreams, honey. No beef tastes better than texas steak.
2 Nov 2010
Food / Taste of food in Poland vs other countries [153]

As far as I'm concerned, the quality of meat far surpasses all but premium, "farmers" meat in the UK. Can't comment for elsewhere, but the quality of chicken is definitely on another level.

So if i cooked your favourite chicken dish with 1 american (or british) poultry breast and 1 polish poultry breast, would you taste the difference?
2 Nov 2010
Food / Taste of food in Poland vs other countries [153]

Believe it or not, but i've had people tell me that they left because the food was "disgusting" and the women were "ugly." Coincidentally they all worked menial jobs.

Now, as a polka living in the US, please post something about the differences in the taste of food between USA / Poland.
2 Nov 2010
Food / Taste of food in Poland vs other countries [153]

I often hear Poles (who have lived in other countries) say that food, specifically meat, tastes better in Poland than it does elsewhere in europe or north america (usa/canada) even if it is prepared the same way, with the same spices.

I've lived and eaten in a few countries besides Poland and have never noticed differences in the taste of pork or chicken, for instance.

Are these Poles correct or are they just complaining?

Or maybe they are trying to justify their return to Poland to avoid telling everyone that they utterly failed abroad?
28 Oct 2010
Travel / Best Places to eat in Wroclaw [21]

2. There is Spice India on Wita Stwosza

To be honest i was quite disappointed with the indian cuisine in wroclaw, both at spice india and masala. I`ve had much better indian food in england and the usa (made by indian immigrants).
28 Oct 2010
Travel / Best Places to eat in Wroclaw [21]

There`s a phenomenal pizzeria in Biskupin but it has NO name. It is run by students and they don`t advertise! It is close to the odra river on the site of the Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego (old white german styled building), south of ul. zygmunta wroblewskiego / karola olszewskiego, just east of the zoo. EDIT: on ul. rzezbiarska ( 51.098951,17.084413 )

Best pizza in all of poland IMO. If they advertised and were in a better location, they would be much more successful.

There`s another pizzeria, on karola olszewskiego (at the end of the tram line i believe) run by a former wroclaw basketball player - also good food.

Marche on the corner of swidnicka and pilsudkiego is an excellent self serve restaurant.
12 Oct 2010
UK, Ireland / The more subtle differences: Ireland/Britain v Poland [310]

Some of you foraigners are simply oversensitive p u s s i e s.What is your problem?They stare?Then stare back.I like when women stare at me it gives opportunity to walk up to them.And if guys stare I stare back.But see I am not a p u s s y.

I am of polish extraction so i don`t look foreign.

Most of the staring perpetrators are men. Women typically don`t stare (though i suspect them want to stare), but they do try to sneak in many glimpses.

I cant say I noticed this on any of my visits..but then again you must be stairing at them in return?

I`ve been here for quite some time and can`t help noticing it. I don`t stare in return. I look at them once or twice and continue minding my own business (i don`t usually say hi as this is not customary in poland). If i`m wearing my shades then i will focus my eyes on the staring individual but turn my head from left to right to appear as though i am enjoying the scenery or architecture.

Generally i`m not bothered or offended, i just get the idea that there is some pizza sauce or bits of food on my face :)
11 Oct 2010
UK, Ireland / The more subtle differences: Ireland/Britain v Poland [310]

Strangers staring at you all the time.

This is by far the worst thing in poland. Why do people keep staring? I constantly find myself looking in the mirror to see if there is something on my face. I can't think of any other country in europe that i've been to where people stare.


Another thing i can't understand - outdoor shoes indoors - mind blowing!!
8 Oct 2010
Love / How should I approach this young Polish man that I like? [48]

would it seem forward of me to ask him out?

I was once asked out on a date by a woman. Nothing wrong with that. He might be shy, so make your move because there is no sense in waiting!

good luck:)
5 Oct 2010
USA, Canada / Born in Canada, Polish parents. Am I still a citizen of Poland? [14]

The PESEL should be noted in her passport already since it was done in the 80's.

Poles born in poland are issued a PESEL at birth but it is not in the passport, however if you go to the Urząd stanu cywilnego or urzad miejski with your passport they can look it up.
30 Sep 2010
Travel / From Poland With Love [20]

Looks like this is a continuation of the 'vodka wars' show they made last year.

VBS is an interesting website. I'll watch this episode later.
30 Sep 2010
USA, Canada / Moved back from Canada to Poland:). Here are the reasons why. [883]

for now teaching English - what else can I do here. I also was working in that field before I left, so it is quite easy and I like that job most of the time.

So you were a teacher in canada? Good lord i can't believe you left such a good job. Some of my friends in canada had a hell of a time trying to get into teaching (lack of jobs for teachers) but it was worth it as the benefits are amazing!

what do you you do here if you don't mind me asking.

I'm a day trader (stock market). I came here because of family ties and all i need for my job is a laptop and the internet:)

I also taught english for a bit but had to leave it due to boredom. I've been talking to some friends/family here about starting some kind of business.

I like the small shops, the transit system - although it could be better then it is at the moment, the fact that I live down town- yet, it is still quiet where I live, I also like the huge park next to my building. The fact that I don't have to travel miles to do my shopping.

I agree. The transit system is amazing! I thought about buying myself a car but there is no need (nowhere to park, poor roads, expensive gas). I get around via bus/tram and illegal taxis. Sometimes i like to rent a cheap car for weekend getaways. I also live downtown which would not have been financially feasible back in north america.

One thing i miss is being able to have a nice house, with a big lawn in the suburbs. Houses here are pricey and i just don't know how long i'll stay here. Although suburbs are becoming more popular here, they're just not the same as back home. Everything here is messy, disorganised and compact.



Also, little corner stores in poland are a great source for groceries, but supermarkets on the other hand are not very impressive.

@ironside: hahaha
30 Sep 2010
USA, Canada / Moved back from Canada to Poland:). Here are the reasons why. [883]

aphrodisiac, i'm curious what kind of business have you setup here in poland?

I've relocated to poland (personal reasons mostly, nature of my job allowed for it too) sometime ago but i miss almost everything back in canada/usa. Although i love europe (always vacationed in europe), this continent just seems to be 1 step behind north america.

Polish sidewalks
They could be dangerous at times and one needs to walk with their head down, since it is the wisest thing to do.

What do you mean?

They're not always flat/even, lots of bumps/holes. Cars parking on sidewalks doesn't help either.

In north america, sidewalks are usually concrete and as a result they make cities look cleaner.

In poland they still mess around with little stones (obviously to maintain the historical architecture) which need constant maintenance. Unfortunately IMO this does not always look nice.
22 Sep 2010
Law / No polish bank account, how to pay internet bill [16]

pay at the post office using cash. if u have all the paying in details fill in a paying in slip. there is a charge for this of about 3zl. make sure that u keep the copy/reciept.
have someone show u how to fill in the (red) slip.

I went to the post office and successfully paid by cash but there was nothing for me to fill out...
21 Sep 2010
Law / No polish bank account, how to pay internet bill [16]

So i need to pay my internet bill, but i don't have a polish (or EU) bank account.

Can i go into any bank and pay with cash?
Or should i go to my internet provider to pay by cash/visa?
2 Sep 2010
USA, Canada / Shipping large quantity of Polish vodka to the US [14]

I've fallen in love with a particular brand of polish vodka which is not available in the US/Canada. Since i travel often between europe and north america, i would like to have this specific polish vodka with me everywhere i go.

Does anyone know how i can proceed (ie: what company to contact?) in arranging a shipment of ~25-50L of polish vodka from poland to either the USA/Canada?