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19 Aug 2010
Travel / Bieszczady or Zakopane? [23]

Thanks for the advice.
Although I would love to backpack (The best trip I ever took was a backpacking trip in California from Toulume Meadow to the high sierras for 8 days back in 2002) I have a 3 years old daughter so that's not going to happen. A few more years until that happens.

I think we will definately go to Bieszczady as my husband wants to fly-fish the San River which apparantely is awsome for that. The girls will be left alone to sight see and take some shorter hikes around the area. Maybe rent a kayak for an afternoon.

Are there any spas - natural spring type places to go to in that area?

If we have the time we may stop in for a day to Zakopane but the majority of the trip will probably be in Bieszczady.
18 Aug 2010
Travel / Bieszczady or Zakopane? [23]

If you were able to only go to one mountain area which one would you pick
Bieszczady or Zakopane?
17 Aug 2010
Travel / Anyone used childcare available in hotels in Poland? [3]

I am traveling to Poland and will be traveling with a 3 years old girl.
I am thinking in the city of Krakow when I stay at a hotel to take advantage of the babysitting they have available for a fee so I can explore some jazz clubs in the evening with my fellow travelers. Has anyone used them and if so where they good/ where you satisfied?

16 Aug 2010
Travel / Looking for a good map of Poland on the Net [16]

Merged: Is there a mapquest or yahoo maps website equivalent in Poland for directions?

I am looking for Polish websites that would give me directions from one place to another sort of like our Anyone know of any?
15 Aug 2010
Travel / Places to stay near Zwierzyń (Lesko area) in Bieszczady Mountains. [4]

We are going to visit the Bieszczady Mounatain area Sept 8-9, 2010 with 4 adults and one 3 years old child. My husband will be fishing in Zwierzyń but the rest of us will visit the Bieszczady area. Any ideas of where to stay for a group our size? Any hotel/ rooms for rent in the area you used and liked?
12 Aug 2010
Travel / Nice restaurants in Warsaw [30]

[Moved from]: Any good Restaurant in Warsaw that is kind to kids? French perhaps

I will be in Poland at the end of August and would like to go out to a nice perhaps French restaurant in Warsaw where I am staying with a cousin. Any suggestions on a good place to celebrate my birhtday (Friday night) that won't mind that I am also bringing my 3 years old daughter who is well behaved? I may be wrong but heard fancier places don't really like kids in Poland but I may be wrong...
12 Aug 2010
Travel / Good automatic car rentals in Poland? [10]

I am looking to rent a car in Krakow and drop it off in Warsaw.
I would want it to be an automatic transmission.

Anyone know of good one that doesn't charge and arm and a leg to rent?