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27 Aug 2010
USA, Canada / PolAms -- do you regard yourselves only as 'white Americans'? [187]

Yea, I 'm Polish-American. If your white and live in the US... you know that only your friends (mostly likely they are white too) care about your specific ethnicity. In my case, I got Irish and Italian friends, but a black person for example doesn't care about that. In America, white is it's own ethnicity, just every one from Mexico, Cuba, Dominican, etc... are labeled Latino and who on earth knows where in Africa all the black people were uprooted from.


Get over your self, you said your not Polish, go care about something else useless. I can't speak Polish well and I visit maybe every other year, but my parents were born there... If we stood side by side, no Pole would seriously think your more Polish then me, unless of course, you are one. Any animosity I have experienced from Poles, the kind you completely exaggerate, is simply passive aggressive jealousy. But the women have the right idea, they try to marry you. But anyway, I can only assume because there are certain advantages I have that they don't, but that is a different issue which nonetheless exists and I'm not looking to insult native Poles, just you. But you should know this, you live in Poland right?? Just looking at my family and friends, Poles are jealous and insecure beyond belief, but I'm not insulting, I got the same problems, just a different country, but same blood, seriously, you clearly know nothing about Polish people. I'd say being Polish is more an infection then an ethnicity, but I can say that because I'm Polish.

Any way, you are pathetic, sure Poland didn't literally exist 120 years ago, so then when it "officially" came into existence... all the inhabitants suddenly invented the Polish language and decided on Catholicism over the Orthodoxy or Protestantism of their oppressors?? My Grandmother passed away in Lviv in the 1970's, obviously, I had to enter Ukraine to visit her grave, but that mostly defiantly wasn't cyrilic or an Orthodox cross on her grave stone. So why the f*ck does it matter when any one emigrated?
12 Aug 2010
Travel / Using two or three US passports to stay in the EU longer [4]

Does any one know if this scenario is possible?

I thought I lost my passport 6 months ago, I ordered a replacement but a couple days ago I found my old passport. Great now I have two. In theory could I double my legal stay in Poland by entering and exiting after three months on one passport and then stay in Ukraine for a couple of days and then re-enter on my 2nd passport which is clear? Aside from being illegal, has any one every done anything like this?
12 Aug 2010
USA, Canada / Better life in USA or Canada? - expats opinions and your comparison [143]

My Grandfather settled in New Jersey in the 60's and his brother simultaneously settled in Canada. My Grandfather was able to leave Poland and enter the US because my Grandmother was an American citizen, and I'm not sure how or why my uncle settled in Canada.. but he did. While I never knew him, I can say that I can't stand my Canadian Cousins --- his grand children and great grand children.

Vancouver is a beautiful place, and in general, the environment in Canada is majestic, there is absolutely no doubt about that, but the same can be said about the US... Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Pacific Coast, Rockies, etc... But yeah, all the great scenery shown on the Winter Olympic coverage doesn't really do the nation justice, its a beautiful place.

But getting back to my cousins and their Canadian ways... they are with out a doubt the smuggest people I have ever met. And its not just them, but the culture in general. Sure we were some what estranged cousins, having never met until 6 years ago, but good grief, the whole time it was Bush this, Rush Limbaugh that, our health care is better, how can you live with yourself after killing all those Iraqis, you go to church and drive a SUV, your police officers carry guns?!?

I mean my cousin's wife devoted all this time and money to an organization she founded which PROVIDES NEEDLES TO THE JUNKIES OF VANCOUVER. I questioned why on earth she would want to do this because its not like they are wealthy and could waste money on stupid stuff, and well... that was a mistake. But yeah, other then maybe San Fransisco, no one in their right mind would even think of doing something like this in the US, and I pretty much thank god for that. Canadians are pretty far out there too, just in left field.

Finally, I'll just say that I also have family in Poland and when I visited them last year for the first time, I was treated like a foreign dignitary by my relatives and I'd say I'm a decent looking guy... but back in Poland I was like Brad Pitt or something, I had sex like a rock star, which was new to me, and Canadian women, ugh...

So I'll say this, US>Canada and Poland>Canada.