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27 Jul 2010
Genealogy / Where are the Lemkos now? Do they still exist in Poland? [32]

Hi there,
it is so great to find true £emkos here! I am a proud £emko too - my family is from the region around Krynica and they were relocated in 1947 to Legnica.

I just came back from my trip to Lemkovyna. There are still some £emkos living in the area around Krynica (most of them returned in the 50ies/60ies). There are some Cerkiew (church) in that region, where they still celebrate the traditional lemko greek-katholic mass.

And yes: Andy Warhol was Lemko too! As far as I know, his family was from the Lemko region which is now on the Slowakian side, very close to the polish border.

Hi stevephoenix,
Is your family from £osie maybe, or is it Losa, because I just was there and some people spelled ist Lose - but the village is calles £osie. Losie is very close to Krynica/South Poland. I am asking this, because I am looking for relatives from this area. My familiy comes from Krzyzowka, Roztoka Wielka and Krolowa Gorna (was called "Krolowa Ruska" before). And Roztoka Wielka is in the very close neighbourhood to £osie!

Could you please check if your familiy maybe comes from Losie? As the villages are so super small, the Lemko people knew each other in that area.
27 Jul 2010
Food / Fermented Oatmeal Soup from Poland - Recipe? [67]

Hi Rakky,
I am £emko myself (my fathers family was born in the region around Krynica South Poland before they were deported to Legnica in 1947) and I just came back from Ruthenia (we visited the £emko Watra in Zdynia) and ate the original £emko-Kyselica (thats the right spelling).

I still have family in South of Poland, where the £emkos lived until 1947. As I am also researching for years about my roots (I live in Germany now) I would love to contact true £emkos because of course there is still much to learn. My grand-aunt is still alive and knows a lot of original £emko recipes. So do not hesitate to contact me for more questions.

By the way: "Rusyn" is the name the Polish people and the Austrians gave us. We ourself call us £emko (pronounce: "Uemko")!!!!!!