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23 Jun 2010
History / WWII - who really was the first to help Poland? [901]

NO war happens for no reason. Rich are getting richer. And WW2 was no different.
Wall street bankers along with Prescott Bush (GWBush' grandfather) sponsored fascism and WW2 and then they "run back" to help out. BS!!
23 Jun 2010
News / Lech Walesa gives warning over 'dangerous' Polish candidate [60]

Stalin said ... no matter who you vote for, we always win. This has been proven over and over. Look at the Obuma .. another puppet of illuminati.

Do u guys seriously think something will change with your vote? I say NADA.
NWO is here and all this globalization of EU, US-union, Asia-union, etc. is just another step closer to human slavery. IMHO ;)