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23 Oct 2010
Classifieds / Warsaw Speed Dating Event [34]

The event has been cancelled. We are now looking at an event in January 2011.
17 Oct 2010
Classifieds / Warsaw Speed Dating Event [34]

But her big sister is coming...!

OK, then I'm going to need even bigger tables!

15 Oct 2010
Law / Setting up a sole trader business and becoming a resident in Poland - Procedure? [32]

Hi Everyone

Over the past 12 months, I have spent a lot of time in Warsaw with my Polish GF and have decided that it's probably time to take the plunge and actually become a resident here.

I am a self-employed doing web design & SEO & I own and operate - a Warsaw & Poland tourist information portal.

I am British with a British passport.

I have looked through many threads on this forum and elsewhere and think that I have the procedure correct. Could you wise owls please look through this and let me know if I have it right or not? Your assistance would be appreciated :)

Becoming a Resident:

1. I go to the Urząd Skarbowy in Warsaw with a Polish speaking friend and request a zameldowanie (temporary resident's card); which lasts for 3 months.

2. After 3 months, I go back to the Urząd Skarbowy and request a karta pobytu; which lasts for 5 years. At the same time that I request the karta pobytu, I also request a PESEL (National ID number which is mandatory for permanent residents & temporary residents living in Poland for more than 2 months).

3. The PESEL arrives a couple of weeks later and I take it back to the Urząd Skarbowy and they then stamp my karta pobytu to show that I now have a PESEL.

4. There is an alternative to the karta pobytu called the ZASWIADCZENIE O ZAREJESTROWANIU POBYTU OBYWATELA UNII EUROPEJSKIEJ which is a piece of paper confirming my rights to stay in Poland as a EU citizen!

HELP! Is this a better alternative to a karta pobytu? Which one should I ask for?

5. Once I have had my karta pobytu for 5 years, I can get permanent residency (karta stalego pobytu) but must have a full & checkable work history.

6. To get my karta pobytu, I will need to show:

a) that I have work and income
b) that I have an address here in Poland
c) that I have medical insurance of some kind

Is this correct? Is there anything else that I will need to show?

In relation to showing that I have work and income, will I have to set up the business here in Poland first e.g. I want to set up as a sole trader? or will they accept bank statements showing a regular income? Seriously, its like the chicken & egg scenario! What do I do first, become a resident or set up the business?

In relation to the address, can I use my GF's address? Do I need a letter from the GF or the landlord?

Setting up the Business:

It seems that my best option is to set up as a sole trader as this involves less documents, less hassle, less costs and this allows me to draw invoices here in Poland.

I understand that when I set up the business, I have to choose various codes that explain what my business is and that I should tick everything that I will do and might do as changing this later incurs further costs. What are those codes called?

To set up the business, I will need to go to the town council, tax office & statistic office?

I will also have to sort out ZUS which for the first 2 years is around 300 zloty per month and then it increases to 800? IS that right?

I can use my private address as my business address? Is that right?

Somewhere during this process, I will be provided with a NIP (tax ID number)?

I know there are a lot of questions here and any help that you guys can provide would be great.

Many thanks


Any help appreciated :)
1 Oct 2010
Law / Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations. [299]

Merged:Bank Account without Polish residency and NIP

When I came to Poland 12 months ago I was led to believe that you could not open a bank account unless you were a resident and you had a NIP.

Have since learnt that is boll**ks.

I went to WBK last week and opened a PLN account and Euro account no problems without being a resident, the whole process took just 15 mins! Comes with full internet access and helpful English speaking staff.

Well chuffed, now I will only pay 3 PLN to make a withdrawal instead of 3 Euros!
1 Oct 2010
Life / Gypies/Indian-looking women with kids beg for money in Poland [143]

Now I only buy things if someone asks me in front of a shop but I never give money.

I can completely understand how you feel about this. You try and help someone to get abused later on, really sucks!

Unfortunatley, those people who are not professional beggars also tend to have other problems other than no money such as mental problems, addiction etc.

It's hard not to just tell them to **** off, I know, all I am saying is sometimes, please try and understand how you would feel if that person was a brother, sister, friend etc.

Not all Englishmen are gay, not all Polishmen are alcoholics - know what I mean? :)
1 Oct 2010
Life / Gypies/Indian-looking women with kids beg for money in Poland [143]

And don't be so PC coz to the Gypsies you are "gadź".

I don't know what that means but am guessing it means a "meal ticket" or "easy target"

Like I've already said, if someone asks you for money, make a decision based on how genuine you feel they are. Not all beggars are scam artists raking in loads of dosh for themselves or their mafia bosses, some are genuinely just poor people trying to feed themselves and their families.

Painting all Gypsies with the same brush is just, well - stupid. Like saying that all Englishmen are gay (quoting from another thread today!)
1 Oct 2010
Life / Gypies/Indian-looking women with kids beg for money in Poland [143]

zetigrek, I don't particularly enjoy being approached by beggars either, some of them can be quite forceful in their approach; however you seem like an educated guy and it's not too difficult to tell the difference between a professional beggar and a real, "life is hard" type e.g professional beggars actually look quite healthy!

Personally I move the professional beggars on and help the ones that really need some help.

All I am saying is that everyone deserves a chance to feed their families and if I had to beg to do this, I would! That does not make me a bad man!

Just try and distinguish who really needs help and who is taking the p*ss!
1 Oct 2010
Life / Gypies/Indian-looking women with kids beg for money in Poland [143]

Enterpreneurs then, is that a bad thing?

If you think that descibing people by their carnation is wrong then congartulations!

Congartulations to you too, whatever that means? I am definately no saint, just an ex British Army soldier who with hindsight wished he hadn't done what he was asked to do. But you are probably just a kid with great ideas and no idea what life is all about really!
30 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / British men don't really like women [137]

Then enlighten me with your wisdom Mr Bzibzioh (doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?)
30 Sep 2010
Life / Gypies/Indian-looking women with kids beg for money in Poland [143]

When the little green men from Mars come along and start zapping us all (regardless of colour, race etc) maybe then we can all just agree that we are all part of just one race?

If you have to beg, then life must be pretty ******! Not easy for most of us to understand sat here typing on our expensive laptops!
30 Sep 2010
UK, Ireland / British men don't really like women [137]

I can only talk about how I feel about women as an Englishman as I know very well that we are all actually very different depending on where we were bought up and how we were parented e.g. if Dad acted in a particular way towards the opposite sex, then son would probably follow in line...

Typical stereotypes e.g Andy Capp have Northerners actually preferring the company of other men in a pub to women but at the end of the night, going home for a cuddle, some scoff and maybe something more (depending on how many pints were consumed). Southern stereotypes tend to be along the lines of Mr Darcy!

Personally, I have always preferred the company of women to men and I just love them. Maybe that's why I have been married twice and have lived with 6 different women. I've probabaly bought more fridge freezers and 3-piece suites than most men have had holidays abroad!

I'm English, I love women, can't get enough of them and I am definately not gay! I also like to watch footie, eat kebabs and drink lots of booze - but not all the time. Sometimes I can be the romantic, cook Sunday dinner, buy flowers Mr Darcy type too!

In summary: We are all different no matter where we come from. I really like some Polish guys, others I don't!

Getting kind of bored now with the stereo-typing going on with this forum, We are all different and that's good - because if we were all the same, life would be extremely boring, wouldn't it!

What do you think?
30 Sep 2010
Travel / Rumour Control: Wizz Air pulling out of Warsaw? [5]

I heard a nasty rumour today that Wizz Air have stopped flying in and out of Warsaw from today due to the airport's demands for more money.

I've been on their website and can't find any news about this plus you can still book a flight from Warsaw in the future.

Does anyone know if this is true?

For me, this would be really bad news as this route offers me easy & cheap access to my kids back in the UK.

Surely it can't be true? Wouldn't this just be stupid given that we have Euro 2012 just around the corner?
29 Sep 2010
Classifieds / Warsaw Speed Dating Event [34]

40 PLN more for guys, why?

It's normal practice to do this as it ensures that the girls are there; which is kind of important! Think about it the same way that night clubs charge less or nothing for the girls!

Just checked out the site, are you the same dude that was here a while ago asking for pointers on the site? and if so hows it all working out?

Yes, same guy!

Its going well! I have been in Poland for 1 year now and the site has expanded to include sections on Krakow, Gdansk and an actual Love Poland section as well. Visitor numbers are 600% higher than 12 months ago and the advertising revenues are coming in along with hotel commissions and contextual ads. All the pointers are that the project will be a success.

I still have to do web design and SEO as a freelancer to put the icing on the cake so to speak but hopefully the Love Warsaw project will wipe its own face plus in the very near future.

speed dating - great idea.

Thanks, fingers crossed that we get the response!

Thanks for your feedback and I would appreciate any pics that you have or funny stories etc.
28 Sep 2010
Classifieds / Warsaw Speed Dating Event [34]

Do you mean you already have Horny female participants
waiting for the boyz

Well yes, that's the point isn't it? If they were not single or not looking for a relationship, they would not register for a Speed Dating event! Because we run 2 online dating sites (available in Polish as well), we are confident that there are sufficient single females and males in Warsaw to make the event a success.

Speed Dating is perfect for single females because the event is organised and safe, it's also great fun for a group of girls going out together. It also attracts people who are very busy and do not have time to go out to pubs and clubs to find a relationship.


When we receive registrations, we group applicants into age ranges so that participants meet people in the same age range. So don't worry, if you come, you won't have to chat up Grandma!
28 Sep 2010
Classifieds / Warsaw Speed Dating Event [34]

It'll be worth another trip!

Just in case anyone was wondering, you do NOT get rejected or accepted on the night. You ONLY find out the results a day or 2 after the event. If the girl likes the guy and the guy likes the girl, then the organisers let both parties know and send them each other's contact details.

So, there's really no need to feel any pressure.

The other great thing of course is that ALL the participants are actually single and looking, unlike the traditional places where people hunt such as clubs and bars :)
27 Sep 2010
Classifieds / Warsaw Speed Dating Event [34]

sweaty armpits time or what

lol - it's really not like that! It's fun...

You get to spend just 5 mins with each girl so if it isn't going too well, the pain soon ends :)

Good luck with the event though , sound like fun....