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30 Jul 2010
Travel / Poland-My 9-day experience [239]

Interesting thread

Warsaw - a big NO

Baltic holidays - a big YES

Wisla - a YES

Silesian food - NO, too calorific, only if faced with a fait d'accompli, MIL style :)
29 Jul 2010
Love / 'Battered husbands' - still a taboo subject in Poland [387]

they let their marriage run that way... so what's the problem? you don't like it? speak up!

Well, in the Anglo-Saxon culture we would say they are mice, not men, They (some Poles) work hard all week,and then are dominated by their wives.

It wouldn't matter how foxy my woman was - I need my space!
29 Jul 2010
Love / 'Battered husbands' - still a taboo subject in Poland [387]

Thanks Midas - I've only lived here for 18 years so being dumb it hadn't clicked yet. How you Polish guys accept being pushed around is beyond my understanding. I often hear from my pals that they have to go - the wife has called -it's 11 o'clock - and they've been married 20 years for fukks sake - and no, it's not like we're not having a hoot ( the craic is ggod).

No, the boys are nervous and have to get home to face the music. They're running scared. :))

I'm 53 and too old to change, although I've calmed alot from my rabble-rousing days. Iif I come home at 4 or 5 in the morning after a wee drink and the missus doesn't like it - tough. And it is, for 2 or three days lol

How would you feel

A very eloquent and heartfelt post AJ - but for reasons of my own I am totally ripped - can you please explain in hard language what your point is?

Thanks a lot mate in advance!
28 Jul 2010
Life / Why is cheating at schools in Poland accepted?! [155]

What an intelligent way of making the Polish education system appear high ;) ;) Get the smartest kiddo and everyone copies from them :)

Yes - the guy with 94 per cent gets the Academy of medicine place....

On the subject of cheating - I always thought it was a level playing field - rather like all athletes being allowed to use performance enhancing drugs - of course only one form of cheating goes in this case..the crib sheets wriiten in minute writing on a postage stamp.

Once the student has suucessfully written the (usually banal) notes on such a small scrap of paper that should concentrate his mind and his powers of mental recall - so - is that cheating?

Just looking at it from a "Polish viewpoint" lol.
28 Jul 2010
Love / 'Battered husbands' - still a taboo subject in Poland [387]

It was traumatic for the whole town...Polczyn zdroj is a small friendly town where usually the Policja cruise around the town bored stiff , because nothing happens.....

I was going to relate some tame story about a Silesian houswife walloping her Siemanowice house husband on the nut with the frying pan after he stole the jar money, but you pre-empted me :)
27 Jul 2010

How did they measure this? Did they actually stand in the bedroom beside the bed and counted the number of times these women had sex? Doesn't seem likely :) Therefore, these polls are highly unreliable as the women can just say whatever they want, they remain anonymous anyway

LOL - when I were a schoolboy in ole Nottingham the Nottingham Evening Post ran an article revealing the shocking news that "76 per cent of boys had lost their virginity by the age of 17". How did the journalist know?

He asked 1000 lads of 17 if they had done it yet.

PS That was 1976, and I was gutted, because I was dumb enough to believe what I read in a newspaper.
26 Jul 2010

To (mis)quote Woody Allen.......on the subject of "frequent sex with the spouse" or "old trout" as Hunter Davies famously referred to his old lady:

"The vigilante committee were on the streets of New York trying to catch a serial was 9 o'clock in the morning, and all the local tailors had managed to get out of bed to be there, doing their bit to apprehend the murderer. Only the local neighbourhood off-duty policeman was late.

Eventually he turned up.

Semi apologetically, he boasted, "Sorry I'm late boys, I've been up all night making love!"

Another vigilante remarked an aside.... " Yes, with his wife........"
7 Jul 2010
News / Will Komorowski be Poland's worst ever president? [72]

So, what are the 10 principal expectations of Poles (and others living here and paying taxes) regarding their new president?

1) Should decline the power of veto and let the government get on with legislating - the president is there to sign decrees and beam politely.

2) Should sell Poland abroad as a willing partner and not some snivelling homophobic nationalist pariah - which it was for 2 years intil quite recently :((

3) Should act intelligently and learn some languages, and act the part, as Kawniewski did

4) Should tell his spouse to keep her trap shut, as in Denis Thatcher type assisatnce but not interference (spouses role is there as charity worker and do-gooder.

5) Should get out and about on fact finding missions, with the intelligence of a Jerzy Buzek

6) No more of these silly speeches that smack of communist ideology - "Nasza Polska, nasza democracia,........." but actually outline some policies for God's sake!

7) Constantly remind everyone how appalling that PIS mob are

8) Shave of that silly 1980s moustache and actually show some bonhomie and charisma for once

9) Less of the ridiculous ******** " Let all Poles work together" and instead lessen the power of the church and strengthen the economy by bringing allegedly corrupt city councils with their "independent" city presidents to book - Katowice being one of them for starters.

10) Keep out of any scandal and get a second term booked up so we can see some real progress in dismantling old laws and building a real society instead of the unfair to small business tax structure we have at the moment, and no returen to the PIS handouts to the so called poor aka lazy bastards.
6 Jul 2010
News / Will Komorowski be Poland's worst ever president? [72]

How long have you been in Poland Seanus? I've been here on and off for 25 years now,and yes, without foreign investment, and EU grants, the authorities would be far too conservative and pretty clueless.

I see you like to show off your Polish. The only words one really needs to understand when listening to Polish politicians ruefully explaining why they cant build something is

" Niestety, prosze panstwo........"

Left to itself the Polish state will never splash the cash where it is really required on regeneration, as in grants. Ask anyone who has had their property returned to them in ruins after 40 years of communist appropration.

I'm all for foreign investment and ownership as you can probably tell. I'd rather live in a foreign owned modern conglomerate than a grey coloured ex-communist shithole Polish owned one.
5 Jul 2010
News / Komorowski won Poland's presidency vote? [125]

I'm not sure if Komorowski is a good choice.

Liberals around Europe are responsible for the plague of non-European immigrants.
It would be very bad for the future of Poland if he has the same views about immigration.

Does anyone know if Komorowski is also liberal about 3rd world immigration?

Idiotic post. No wonder some British moan about the Poles in Britain, we've managed quite well with our multicultural inner cities in the past, but then we get an influx of people with rabid right wing views like yours.... Now let's all put on our thinking caps and wonder what candidate you voted for.

It wasn't the normal thinking progressive one, was it?
Poland would be far better off with some diversification from other nations to dilute your racist blood :))
5 Jul 2010
Law / Driver's licence - How to exchange British one to Polish legally? [34]

If you are permanently resident in Poland you can drive here legally on a UK licence for 6 months or one year. Then you must change it for a Polish licence.

No way would I exchange my British license for a Polish one - call me a snob if you like - but then when I'm back in Blighty for whatever reason I dont want to be explaining to the car hire firm or the polish that "It's alright, I can drive, I passed my test in the UK 25 years ago and wasn't "taught to drive" by some Mickey mouse Polish state sponsored cowboy".

Poland does a whole lot of things well - driving aint one of them. IMO
9 Jun 2010
Food / What's your favorite Polish beer? [870]

tetley, John Smiths, Newcastle Brown.

They are around in Poland.........Auchan I think.....( the last 2)

I quite like Perlenbacher Pils from Lidl - zero hangover - relatively low calorie - hate the idea of a returning beer gut - cheap at 2,19 too :)
8 Jun 2010
Travel / Floods and Lodz [6]

Very beautiful part of the world but bad luck UKPolska for not doing the old homework and owning a gaffe on a floodplain. In the old days the floodplain was the most fertile land and that was the raison d'etre.

Why should the taxpayer pay compensation for this? Aren't people insured aginst this sort of thing?
8 Jun 2010
Food / What's your favorite Polish beer? [870]

The old taste buds are buzzing in the heat of the day, getting rid of a cold (finally) and England are about to better the Yanks at something.

So, can anyone please tell me where one might buy Radegast beer in Silesia - my tired legs wont carry me down to Cieszyn :(

Ta in advance :)
6 Jun 2010
Life / Price of cigarettes in Poland? [192]

And way too cheap. Sorry to be a party pooper, but my daughter is being endangered by passive smoking in all the Kato music clubs :((

Time for some sense and a smoking ban IMO
29 May 2010
Travel / Driving to Poland from England - any tips? [264]

It's probably my age - and social standing.........

If I was young again,and had a fast motor - then a non brainer is via Dusseldorf, south of Berlin to Gorlitz, and on the Wroclaw motorway.

Nowadays I just dawdle at 100 km an hour when on the byways, get there 8 hours later, save a lot in fuel and stress, and enjoy the view and get to speak to people.

All learnt through experience and age :)
29 May 2010
News / US to deploy Patriot missiles to Poland [404]

Exactly Convex - couldn't have put it better myself - and in a country where the constant excuse is " niestety, nie mamy pieniedzy", it's an absolute disgrace.

There are more important problems - for example, the economy?

Ah - wait a minute - that would involve creative thinking :((
28 May 2010
News / US to deploy Patriot missiles to Poland [404]

I'm guessing it was off topic so it was moved to Random.

Just start a thread on how the UK betrayed its alliance with Poland and I'll post there.

LOL - It wasn't OT - Poland doesn't need the Patriot at all - but wants to brown-nose the very people who didn't want to aid the country in the Second World War - until they were attacked by the Yellow Peril.

The UK supported Poland and it's servicemen died for Poland, and the Poles in turn who got out bravely carried on the fight. The Americans on the other hand were worse than useless until personally challenged themselves.

Better have some respect and gratitude for British sacrifice. But that's not the Polish way is it?

I'm guessing with a strong military, they will be more willing to defy economic and military threats.

But Poland doesn't need a strong military Convex, that is my point. The economy matters, and what matters is that Tusk stops handing out 100.000 zlotys to every bloke who's had his house damaged by subsidence.

I've got a drink problem. I can't afford it. Should I ask this socialist government for a handout?

Socialist handouts and outdated weapons systems are not needed. The borders of Poland are inviolate, because Russia or anybody else knows the Nato Charter all too well.

As an idiot taxpayer and ZUS bleeder, I am absolutely furious at this Tusk government now and he can **** right off.
28 May 2010
News / US to deploy Patriot missiles to Poland [404]

Lets try again - it's obviously too much for the American censors of this forum.

What is the point in your silly little forum if posters cant speak?

The land of the free? What is this ****?

We were having a good debate there and you Yanks went and pulled the posts, unless you've just shipped them somewhere else.

I hope you are proud of yourselves but you are making yoursleves look bigoted and foolish, along the lines of that Republican Fox News shite.
27 May 2010
Life / English channels on Poland's Cyfra+ [13]

Polsat is best for English channels - it has BBC Entertainment, Eurosport English, Classic sports, etc....

Astra 2C with a Panasonic box is better - with a normal sized dish can pick up BBC news channel with World Cup on the Red Button for the World Cup, Wimbledon and the British Open.


As before, and I repeat - you can watch ALL UK TV on the net, on a high quality stream - for free.
26 May 2010
Travel / Anything and Everything worthwhile about Warsaw to share [23]

LOL Moley - loving your Razz. Don't like capital cities, lived in london for ten years......
But fair play to you - Poland needs a capital - just keep those above themselves Warsavians away from my winter abode please! :)

the one thing I currently dislike about Warszawa is the restaurants as they do not have to try, so the standard and quality has dropped across the board.

Isin't that a (new market) Polish thing? 'One business "conquered" - bored with that, must try something new' - admirable in a way. Bad for the consumer of course!
26 May 2010
Travel / Anything and Everything worthwhile about Warsaw to share [23]

Isin't that half the fun of un-blitzed cities like London and Paris - getting lost? It's not Warsaw's fault what has happened to it - but the poster got up my nose by referring to the fact, by insinuation, that Warsaw is a money mans' dream.

It has precious little else going for it - unless you're born and bred there and have an affinity for it and the successful yuppie life to match - in which case, Paris or London.............. :))

i beg to differ

I forgot to use the second conditonal :))
26 May 2010
Travel / Anything and Everything worthwhile about Warsaw to share [23]

Warsaw is a communist shithole and full of Gorals........and the worst kind of snobs. Overpriced too. What's there to love about a third rate capital city? It was really something before the war - the Nazis did an evil job on it - but the new democratic Poland missed a trick in not downing that Soviet layered cake montrosity and also not investing in logical public infrastructure like a new and safe central railway station for starters.

Away from your yuppie gated communities and your new city crescents and your new city condiminiums, which are all just plastic anyway - Warsaw is a ruin and a dump and will be just that for the next 50 years.

Wroclaw with proper planning and it's beautiful German architechture is light years ahead.
26 May 2010
Law / What are the bike laws in Poland? [30]

It's interesting that the opposite applies in the Czech Republic. Where there are bike lanes provided, as in Karvina for example. you must use them. If you cycle on the road you are busted.

24 May 2010
News / Flood situation worsens in southern Poland [119]

I am told that God loves us, so I am sure he will help all those people who he has caused great damage to, other wise we will have to add In absentia, for gross neglect.

LOl - TVN 24 had an image of a woman supplicating herself on her knees on a village road.
It's simple really = don't build illegal housing, stamp out unregulated building - bulldoze buildings that are the result of corruption.

As before - zero sympathy from me, only smirks, for the new villa people who have ruined the Polish countryside with their tasteless and bribed creations.