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20 Apr 2010
Love / Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish? [128]

Some people would change to muslim and live a happy life. You can't generalize this way. Each relationship is different regardless of the nationalities of the people involved. Saying 'Poles should stick to Poles' is like saying 'Londoners should stick to Londoners'.

Cultural background may be a huge issue and it may not just as well. If two very conservative people with different backgrounds meet there is little chance for a successful relationship. But it's just the same within the same nationality.

Anything can be a huge issue, political views, religion, leaving socks on the floor, you name it. But at the same time for some people all this might not matter at all and they can build a healthy relationship with a person of different views, background, culture, nationality, color.

I'm a Polish guy and I was once involved in a romantic relationship with a Vietnamese girl and her nationality wasn't a problem at all. We did broke up after a few months, true, but because of character differences, not cultural.

So I would say no, Poles don't have to stick to their own if they choose otherwise. As long as they are happy.

And beeing bilingual is always a great thing for the kids:)
20 Apr 2010
Language / Polish people: did you struggle learning English - differences between both languages [54]

Alright, lets all take a chill pill here. To all those who haven't realized yet, 'eng' is either making fun of everyone here or he's just completely uneducated.

First of all Polish and English use the same alphabet. This is pretty obvious. We do have some letters that are absent in English, but that has already been stated.

When it comes to native languages there is no difference in acquiring them. All children develop their language systems effortlessly and they never fail (apart form rare examples of mental disorders). It doesn't matter if it's Polish, English, Chinese or Swahili. All children learn them. The writing systems migh cause some problems here, since learning all the sings from the Chinese alphabet takes a lot more time, but thats a different case.

When ti comes to learning a foreign language English is undoubtedly easier. It's grammar is much simpler. Polish has much more rules, an enormous number of exeptions and things that English does not have, like declension. Of course Polish migh be easier than english for people speaking other slavic languages, but I don't have the necessary data here:)

Of course I'm not saying that Polish is the most dofficult language there is. It is a difficult one, though.

Isn't all this a bit off topic?
21 Sep 2010
Life / Why Polish people should be proud of being Polish? [370]

For one thing, I'm proud that Poland was one of the first countries to successfully fight against communism. I'm proud of what Wałęsa did then even though he wasn't the best president later on. I'm proud that we had a Polish Pope, who was a great man in my opinion, even though I'm not very religious. I'm proud of the Poles fighting in WWII. But I'm not a fanatic. I don't believe that Poles are the greatest nation in the world, beacause I don't believe there is such thing. I'm not extremely proud of being Polish, but I'm not ashamed. I try to make my own reputation.