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Bratwurst Boy   
12 Mar 2008
History / Sarmatism in Poland [119] this holy site was build there didn't exist a Leipzig....we are talking 7000 years city in Europe existed back then! LOL

You where not even near! :)

HISTORY The movement to tear down the Berlin Wall started in Leipzig.

Let me guess, the "lime tree" makes Leipzig slavic regardless of Luther or Bach, right?

You people are really weird....
Bratwurst Boy   
12 Mar 2008
History / Sarmatism in Poland [119]

LOL Crow....I will save your post and show it around. Why should only I have a good laugh! Thanks man! :)

Is there anything you DON'T attribute to your miracle people, your Überslavs??? ROFL
Bratwurst Boy   
11 Mar 2008
History / Sarmatism in Poland [119]

Mario Alinei

And I showed you before that Alinei is a lone nutter who is shunned and proven wrong by the mainstream historians and really should look to someone better suited to support your points (if you can find someone that is)....but I can understand why you would feel so attached to him.

"Some of his main linguistic contributions related to ideas of "paleolinguistics" have been widely rejected by mainsteam historical linguistics, such as the Paleolithic Continuity Theory, which contends that the Indo-European languages originated in Europe and have existed there since the Paleolithic."

Why don't you bring some other historians and scientists to prove your points? Some more respectable names and works? That would help you greatly to gain more credibility...

Svasika was spread on vast territory, same as Proto Slavs, same as ancient Sarmatians, old Slavs and modern day Slavs.

And there is a difference if you say "Slavs borrowed and used Swastika" or "Slavs invented Svastika/Swastika is of slavic origin" - a huge difference!

Stonehenge seems Celtic ;-) don't worry.

Apropos Stonehenge....they found another one in Germany (or kind of), near Leipzig:


"German Stonehenge predates British site

Archaeologists say they have found the site of a German Stonehenge which is even older than the British one.

The series of rings in a field near Leipzig in the east of the country are said to be at least 7,000 years old - 2,000 years older than Stonehenge.

Archaeologists say it was the site of a stone-age temple where they believe people and animals were sacrificed to the gods.

The 120-metre diameter rings also have gates, one of which works like Stonehenge to direct the sun's rays onto a central point at sunrise on mid-summer's day.

In contrast to Stonehenge, the rings were not made up of giant rocks but of thousands of oak-wood stakes which have not survived the passage of time.

Only the marks in the ground where the stakes once stood have remained - and have now been discovered by the archaeologists."

(but maybe it was the Slavs???)


What about the sky disc of Nebra? The slavs too???

"German experts on Thursday hailed Europe's oldest astronomical observatory, discovered in Saxony-Anhalt last year, a "milestone in archaeological research" after the details of the sensational find were made public.",,942824,00.html,,942824_ind_1,00.html
Bratwurst Boy   
11 Mar 2008
History / Sarmatism in Poland [119]

your avatar looks lame

Hey! My girls like it! :)
Bratwurst Boy   
11 Mar 2008
History / Sarmatism in Poland [119]

The fact is that this sign appears ... in Finalnd, Poland, Ukriaine, Russia, Sweden, Iceland ...

That was not my point!
My point of amusement was your implication that it's somehow of slavic ORIGIN!

Now Serbs should give up Kosovo

Earth to Lukasz...that's no longer a serbian choice! It's gone..

(And I doubt reverting that will make the Turks in Germany go home)

they should use your methods, join togheter with Albanians EU and simple start buying land in Kosovo ...

That would be a possibility!

More and more people started to think about their origin and more and more money is used to check some theories

Been there, done imitators look lame! :)
Bratwurst Boy   
11 Mar 2008
History / Sarmatism in Poland [119]

Hey Crow....the last weeks you were so deeply disappointed as all your prognoses were proven wrong:

First: Kosovo will never dare to declare Independence
Second: Nobody will dare to recognize it
Third: All your slavic Brothers will take up fight for Serbs
Fourth: At least your russian brothers will march for Serbia

You got it all wrong!
What makes you think your next prognoses will happen??? :)
Bratwurst Boy   
11 Mar 2008
History / Sarmatism in Poland [119]

All evil in this world come from germany,


But once alll Slavs shall unite under leadership of Poland and then we shall do 'drag nach westen'

And that's better than pan-germanics "Drang nach Osten" because.....?

SVASTIKA and many other ancient symbols belong to Slavic heritage

Let me guess...some Pole (or half Pole) invented it, right?

To bad that the rest of the doesn't know your truth!

"Archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates from the Neolithic period. An ancient symbol, it occurs mainly in the cultures that are in modern day India and the surrounding area, sometimes as a geometrical motif and sometimes as a religious symbol. It has long been widely used in major world religions such as Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, Buddhism and Jainism."

And now you don't only claim the Swastika but now Slavs are Aryans too...ROFL

You are all really happy in your little, weird world, aren't you? :)
Can't you stay with something of your own?
Bratwurst Boy   
10 Mar 2008

Austria haunted by Nazi Past
It doesn't matter what your religious upbringing is; a Pole is a Pole, as is an Austrian an Austrian. Many families were betrayed, murdered

Just some Austrians:

Hermine Braunsteiner, (July 16, 1919 – April 19, 1999), was a Nazi war criminal who personally participated in the, often, painful and cruel deaths of women and children.

Alois Brunner (born April 8, 1912; reports of death contested) is an Austrian Nazi war criminal. Brunner was Adolf Eichmann's assistant, and Eichmann referred to Brunner as his "best man."

Amon Leopold Göth (or Goeth; November 12, 1908 – September 13, 1946) was a Hauptsturmführer of the SS and was the commandant of the Nazi concentration camp at Płaszów, Poland

Maximilian Grabner (born 1905 died 1948), Austrian Gestapo chief in Auschwitz.

Aribert Heim (born June 28, 1914- ????) is a former Austrian doctor. As an SS doctor in a Nazi concentration camp in Mauthausen, he is accused of killing and harrassing many inmates through various methods, such as direct injections of toxic compounds into the hearts of his victims. Along with Alois Brunner, Heim — who would now be (as of 2008) in his early nineties — is one of the last major Nazi fugitives still at large.

Adolf Hitler

Otto Hofmann (March 16, 1896 – December 31, 1982) was an Austrian SS-Gruppenführer and an official of Nazi Germany's "Race and Settlement Main Office". He was present at the Wannsee Conference planning the Holocaust against the Jews.

Ernst Kaltenbrunner (October 4, 1903 – October 16, 1946) was a senior Nazi official during World War II. He was the highest ranking SS leader to face trial. He was executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Franz Kutschera (22 February 1904 in Oberwaltersdorf in Lower Austria – 1 February 1944 in Warsaw, Poland) was an SS general and Gauleiter of Carinthia.
As SS and Police Leader of the Warsaw district, he was sentenced to death by high command of the Polish Home Army in agreement with the Polish government in exile and assassinated by the members of Polish Home Army in the center of Warsaw (in front of Warsaw SS Headquarters).

Ernst Lerch (November 19, 1914 - 1997) was one of the most important men of Operation Reinhard (Aktion Reinhard), responsible for "Jewish affairs", and the mass murder of the Jews in the Polish General Government (Generalgouvernement).

Dr. Siegfried Seidl (August 24, 1911 in Tulln, Lower Austria; then Austria-Hungary – February 4, 1947 in Vienna) was a World War II Commandant of the Theresienstadt concentration camp located in what is now the Czech Republic.

Dr Arthur Seyss-Inquart (born Arthur Zajtich[citation needed]) (July 22, 1892 – October 16, 1946) was a prominent lawyer and later Nazi official in pre-Anschluss Austria, the Third Reich and for wartime Germany in Poland and the Netherlands. Seyss-Inquart was executed at the Nuremberg Trials for crimes against humanity.

Franz Stangl (March 26, 1908 – June 28, 1971) was an SS officer, commandant of the Sobibór and of Treblinka extermination camp.

The Baron Otto Gustav von Wächter (born July 8, 1901 in Vienna, died August 14 or September 10, 1949, in Rome, Italy), was a lawyer, an SS general officer and a National Socialist politician, successively governor of the Cracow and Galicia districts under the General Government. In spite of having escaped trial in Nuremberg, Wächter's responsibilities for the persecution and mass murder of Jews in Poland and Ukraine have since been fairly documented.

Gustav Franz Wagner (born July 18, 1911 in Vienna – died 1980) was an SS officer and deputy commandant of the German Sobibór death camp in Poland, where more than 200,000 were gassed during Operation Reinhard.

How do you like Austria Julie?
Bratwurst Boy   
4 Mar 2008
News / Polish Immigrants Leave America for Europe [210]

Shrinking populations are the way to go for all people on the Earth.

The Earth can't bear much more people (or we should invest much more into space travel to settle other planets).
Also in highly industrialised (wealthy) countries more and more machines take over the jobs which earlier humans did.
So the need for human menial labor shrinks too.

It's the same like if wealthy families have mostly much fewer kids they cherish and advance and care for more than the mass breeding in poor countries where the children are the only way for the parents got get cared for later.

So a shrinking population is nothing to fear or something negative - an unhealthy balance between the old and young instead is, that must be worked on.

Natural resources are still a cause to go to war over but also that will change. The Earth just hasn't the resources to "feed" so many humans alot longer.

Alternatives are needed and WILL be found, starting with oil
and oil products. Oil becoming scarce and rare in the next century already....I'm fairly sure scienists are working hard to get independent.

So...the fate of a future super power will be indepedent from population count and natural resources.
The deciding factor will be the human brain and his achievements and maybe the military! No reason why Europe shouldn't be leading...
Bratwurst Boy   
19 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

Be fair about the Wehrmacht...they were in a war for 6 years spanning Europe and even Africa. Crimes and Atrocities are bound to happen. It's only that the german arms are possibly the most researched army ever...they could hardly have taken a **** that won't show up in a book somewhere.

Every army in a conflict does bad things...but the Wehrmacht was neither better nor worse than others.

And an important point is that the armies of the victors rarely if at all got scrutinized of war crimes and it looks to an uneducated observer as if the germans did all the bad things and everybody else was peachy clean...that's not true either!
Bratwurst Boy   
19 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

yeah sure, and Dirlewanger was a "gentleman" too

Erm...and this has to do with handsome Fritz having a nice evening with Francine or Duchine in what way? :)

Stop being so bitter and move on, the war is over for 60 years!
Bratwurst Boy   
8 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

I don't think it is just Poles that have an anamosity towards Germans. Germans also share that feeling. But I agree, we should move on to some extent, (but never forget the past), and begin to deal more closely. It would greatly benefit both countries for a strong Polish economy. It will be soon.

I agree...let's have a beer! :)
Bratwurst Boy   
8 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

Aww! Aber wir hatten gerade angefangen!

May I compliment you on your perfect german!

Hmmm, you never really responded to my post...did you? So, how is the relationship between the eastern and western "brothers'?

Actually your motives are really clear and a bit hypocritical...or what was it about not "belittling" someone?

And since the german head of state is an Ossi and even the captain of our beloved football team is an Ossi your argument is really weak!

(These are the most important positions a German can actually reach in his life!)
Bratwurst Boy   
8 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

Where do you see Poland and Germany, oh lets say, 10 years from now? You spoke of anti-Polish sentiment in Germany? Is this evident through the media too? Are civilians scared of Polish "barbarians" who come to Germany and cause trouble? What is causing so much hatred, in Ihrer gebildeten Meinung. Informieren Sie mich bitte, wie Sie fühle. Danke. *Salutes* An der Mühelosigkeit!

I actually envision a good relationship between us (once Poland let's go of old grudges).

Germany is a trader...we build and develop to sell things so we need peaceful, wealthy neighbours who have actually the money to buy our stuff.

That way everybody get's happy and nobody needs to invade anybody for that.

Must go girl is already tapping her dainty foot impatiently....sorry :(
Bratwurst Boy   
8 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

Yeah, I'm kind of surprised that BBoy never tries to "invade" his Eastern Germany brothers..why don't you direct your energy there? I heard on the radio, that west Germany is ashamed of their eastern brothers...start 'fixing' them. Will you? In the mean time they should be a perfect, border cushion. hehehehe.

Hmmm...Eurola...dishing out but can't take it?


Come back you German coward. I want to have a discussion with you about Polish-German relations

Jawohl! *salutes*

I would ride through the gates of hell to protect my motherland from your fatherland ( : Remember that, Bratwurst, there are many out there that feel the same..

Umm...I don't deny that...ride along...:)
Bratwurst Boy   
8 Feb 2008
History / Whom do the people in Poland hate more: Germans or Russians? [869]

sure, sure.. just like copenik and other people you want to call your own.. foking thieving nations..

Hmmm...just a question...which ethnicity Hitler belonged to if not german???

*waits eagerly for plk's wisdom*