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22 Oct 2007
Life / "Hej Sokoly" - song research [11]

ive still no luck on the song, anyone have anything on it? history or anything.

oh and just to clear up the first post, my choir MIGHT sing it, ha! if its good enough :] we'll see
1 Apr 2007
Life / "Hej Sokoly" - song research [11]

hey I'm looking for as much possible information on this song as possible, I'm doing a project for a music theory class of mine, ill be doing a variation on it and my choir will eventually sing it, so i need as much information on this as possible!

i found this, but im not sure how accurate it is, ive found a few versions of it.

some things im looking for:
the history of the song
accurate sheet music
good CD's of this song and others like it.
+ anything else you can add.

thanks everyone!
1 Apr 2007
Life / Reasons for moving to Poland [291]

change and love, theres lots of beautiful Polish girls :) and the scenery is amazing, ive been ALL over the states and have yet to find anything as amazing as some places in Poland.