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12 Mar 2010
Life / Pictures of Poles [Everyday Life in Poland] [100]

Really, really great pictures !!
Some of them could use a title. They have a special meaning unknown for foreigners, like
the pictures from staging the Warsaw uprising. I hardly recognised, just because I was lucky
enough to be there when they've staged it.

How come this forum is not moderated and people are allowed to make racist remarks ?
15 Mar 2010
Life / Why do majority of Polish are afraid to admit their nationality? [28]

I never lie about my origin. I'm Polish. I live in Wales.
But its funny sometimes, when I met a nice girl in a club. She turns around to me smiling and asking: - where are you from ?

- Poland
- which part of Poland? (standard question) :-)


- Where are you from ?
- Poland
- Ahh! I love Amsterdam!
(Poland - Holland)

Havok - your question in the topic is tendentious. It assumes that it is true that Polish people are afraid to admit their nationality.
You imply that it is true.

Anyway. I have some funny stories with my country people.
I was waiting for a train in Borth. It was late evening and there were maybe 4 people on the platform.
Some guy had started talking to me and we engaged in a conversation when I heard a young couple speaking Polish:

"...A jak wrocimy to zrobisz mi tak dobrze jak zawsze, a potem zrobimy sobie dzidziusia. Fajnie ze nas nikt tutaj nie rozumie." or something like this.

She was talking to his boyfriend about how they going to play tonight :-) And then she said: "Its funny nobody can understand us here". Then I stood up and said "Ja rozumiem!" (I can !). And then she turned red , went silent and the train arrived :-)

Another story:

I was sitting on a bench looking at the Cardigan Bay, when two girls asked me (in English) if they can sit with me. After a while I heard them saying in Polish "He smells nice , must be waiting for somebody..." :-)))

Sometimes its worth to wait with "breaking the cover" ;-)