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9 May 2010
Work / Girl looking for job speaking English apart from teaching English. Ideas? [30]


what is your professional background / education? Do you have by any chance a citizenship of any of the EU-countries?

I might know an American company in Warsaw looking for English speaking people and they don't require Polish. However the potential employment would depend on yours skills and experience. So could you give me some details?
10 Aug 2011
Work / Moved to Warszawa (Warsaw) - Swedish/English speaking former IT-Consultant in need of some help/tips [24]

Hi sniXer,

Could you send me PM and provide your mail address? I know American IT company in Warsaw which is looking for IT consultants. Polish is not required as our internal language is English. General technical skills are considered as plus: knowledge of db systems\sql or web and internet technologies. I can provide you with more details if you are interested.