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18 Jan 2010
Language / Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language [129]

I wanted to say Thank You to everyone on this thread. All the comments have helped me a lot. I have been learning the Polish language and I use the book:

Cześć, Jak się masz? ISBN: 83-242-0633-7 ( A polish langauge textbook- level Introduction to Polish A1).
It is really great. It explains everything and comes with a CD for Pronunciation. It also has 2 other levels which I will be using.
I have checked out some and will check out others.
Also, the University of Florida in Gainesville has a wonderful Polish Program. I will check it out more but if anyone is close to the University it can be of help Im sure.
18 Jan 2010
Language / Polish was chosen the HARDEST LANGUAGE in the world to learn... :D [1558]

Im learning to speak polish and I love it! Poland should never speak any other language! Anything worth learning is a challenge and Polish is worth learning!!! Sometimes the sounds mix me up but once I learn them I never forget them. Maybe if more people spoke Polish in different countries around the world then there would be more help in understanding it. For example, at the universities or schools or tutors available, like with the Spanish language. I find most people learning Polish have to learn it on their own. In USA, at University of Florida in Gainesville offers Polish classes and is dedicated to it. I am currently using the book:

Cześć, jak się masz? A Polish Language Textbook Introduction to Polish A1. ISBN: 83-242-0633-7

They have two more levels and it comes with CD so the learner can here the pronunciation.
Any other ideas, I would be happy to hear about them.

A strong language for a strong people
A strong people for a strong Country!

Happy Polish learning!
18 Jan 2010
Love / Are there Polish women who date black guys? [281]

Polish women definitely date black men! I have been married to a black man for 16 years! He is a wonderful man and I would want no other. We have 2 beautiful children who are polish-black. It is all about the personality of the person not the color of one's skin. My family excepts and loves him;older generation and newer generation. Our families get along and it is not an issue.Who cares what other people think as long as you love your Polish lady, she will love you back. In the end, love is what we are looking for anyways,right? Who cares what skin color the person has, I don't. I love my Polish heritage and my black husband! If you are a good man any Polish woman would be luck to have you.