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12 Jan 2010
Real Estate / Septic systems in Poland [11]

Hi installed an eco type system from Castorama 5 years ago at my house,3,000 zloty including the man with a digger...........but carefully plotted out the levels etc, a bit fiddly plus had to get a few tonnes of gravel delivered.

Touch wood its sort of run itself and have not had to have it pumped out yet although I keep applying some stuff called Biolatrin down the toilet every month which is supposed to digest all the solids plus do not put any chemicals down the toilet apart from the necesary. Its a 2000 litre tank and copes with us two plus dishwasher washing m/c etc if you need any guidance
12 Jan 2010
Real Estate / Building a house in Poland need advice from anyone that has built [100]

Wow you are brave, I am English and lived in Poland 6 years now, have done around 5 building and renovation projects around the Kujavia Pomorski region.

Best advice never ever part with any money up front regardless, walk away if they insist. If you buy materials make sure you get the faktura in your name with your NIP number on it as you can claim the VAT back later well a percentage anyway.

Always always make the person or company sign a reciept for any money paid regardless of any excuses. Live on site if possible and watch them closely. I am thinking of writing a book on what has happend to me here and other peoples experiences with builders. A friend was quoted 700,000 zloty to build a complete house, everything all the installations the lot.

Two years later he has the shell of the house and is minus 700,000 zloty and is broke and going to return to England.........a common story. If you are doing anything up around our way give me a call 698 295 117 for a chat, Steve
12 Jan 2010
Real Estate / Foreigners can now buy houses in Poland [55]

There has been much confusion regarding the situation from May 1st 2004. In fact it was possible prior to May 1st 2009 for a citizen of the European Union to legally buy land and or a house in Poland without permission from the ministry of the Interior. Many Notaries were giving out very bad advice. The farm land situation is much more complex and will still be causing problems after the moratorium an buying farmland and woodland ceases even for EU citizens who are not Polish. If your family has any connection at all with Poland,Grandfather,whatever apply for a Polish passport, this removes most of the problems now and in the future and its very quick and easy to do., drop me a line, my firm specialises in this kind of work and an initial appraisal is very cheap
12 Jan 2010
Real Estate / ADVICE please: Rightful owner of property in Poland? Property Value? [32]

Hi we specialise in this type of work. I am English and have lived in Poland for 6 years now. An initial appraisal of the situation is vital and is cheap to complete. My advice is do not sign anything until you are fully aware of the situation. Property prices have moved a lot in the last few years, contact me if you want some help
12 Jan 2010
Language / Too many English words in the Polish language! [709]

Get a Polish thesaurus, you quickly realise that around 30% of Polish is derived from English which is derived from no great problem.It just proves it is a dynamic and living language. Can anyone tell me though approximately how many words there are in Polish, it has always puzzled me that compared to English there seems to be far fewer but maybe thats just my impression as a native English speaker who came to live in Poland 6 years ago.