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31 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish people in the UK using the English version of their name? [56]

''Just ee sias'' is that right? Nice name! .. better than Justina IMHO.
I was discussing this subject with some friends and they say that there are a lot of Polish people employed in the service industry in the UK & Ireland and it may be required in many places that they use the english version of their name? ... or maybe they applied for the vacancy using the english version.

Racial discrimination surely if they were required to change it?
29 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish people in the UK using the English version of their name? [56]

the attitude of your recent girlfriend is the way of the world these days not reason to dump someone (was the husband a decent guy? how can one know a whole story).

The husband was/is a decent guy, I know him personally. The wife just got bored and was getting a bit of attention from other men and fancied a change. Its a sorry state of affairs when a woman puts herself before the happiness of her children. I think the polish retain the appreciation & requirements of marriage that used to be the situation in Ireland about 20 years ago. Thats all Im saying. I don't like '' the way of the world these days''.

I was married for 12 years and despite having numerous opportunities to stray during that time I did not as I was married. I just want a lady with similar values.

Another name 'Kasia' .... how could anyone change this name to boring 'Kate'. Its a lovely name.
28 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish people in the UK using the English version of their name? [56]


I didnt start this thread to have a go at Irish women. They're just not for me. I've had no luck with them & have been unlucky to have married one that only thought about herself and was a bit of a user etc...

Once bitten and all that.....
Lets say she was a bit like the advert that used to be on the TV for Pot Noodle... where the childs tongue is stuck to the swing in the garden and Mummy was too busy eating her Pot Noodle.... the narrative was '' its all me me me me me !'' LOL

I went out with another lady here in Ireland recently and she told me her friends marriage was in trouble. Now, her friend has 7 kids. I asked her did she advise her friend to go to councelling with her husband of 20 years or did she offer to babysit whilst they went away for a night to enjoy each others company and perhaps rekindle the spark. No, she said, ''I just advised her to leave him, sure her happiness is the most important thing!''

Needless to say I broke up with her sharpish!
Hence, Ive given up on Irish women, although Im sure there are lots of nice ones. I'm just not going to risk it! LOL :P
28 Dec 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish people in the UK using the English version of their name? [56]

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum. I was at a party last week here in Ireland and bumped into this amazing Polish lady. We chatted for a while and seemed to get on very well. Her English is excellent and my Polish is non existent. Unfortunately she is engaged, although I did my best to persuade her to leave him for me LOL.

Anyway, she told name her name was 'Agnus' which I wouldn't rank as a top drawer Irish name (Very old fashioned and dated). I asked her for her real name and it is 'Agnieszka' (hope I spelt that right). Now thats a cracking name IMHO.

Anyway, I'm seperated about two years and have lost all faith in Irish women. I love the way this Polish lady seemed to want the simple things in life & not worry about where the next holiday is coming from (I like holidays but there are more important things in life).

I'm in my forties and have found myself thinking about this Polish lady quite a lot since we met. I think Im ready for a new relationship & the lady I hook up with will have English as her second language and hopefully Polish as her first! If she's called Agnieszka well... then that'll be all the better!

Great forum this by the way!
Polish people should use their real names instead of the english version I think.