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11 Oct 2011
Classifieds / Where to buy Dekstrometorfan "DXM" in Poland? [2]

There is something called Dekstrometorfan that I had access to a few years back in concentrated pink little pills "DXM" that at a very bad point in my life actually helped me immensely that I would know like to know how to get more off. I'm fairly sure what I had isn't available anymore so looking for e.g. cough syrup containing it or anything else would be a suitable substitute.

I was actually surprised by it's effect when I did take it as it "cured" for a lack of a better word a deep depression and anxiety I was experiencing since a long time, this helped suppress that for about 2 months. My doctors has never been able to find anything better and the quality of my life is so poor I'm willing to do a little work myself.

Are there any online sources or local pharmacies where I could get this over-the-counter?
22 Apr 2011
Genealogy / malcolm in the middle grandparents [7]

There is a lot of Polish influence in this show. MANY characters have Polish surnames more so in this show than generally on TV.

i'm watching episode "5x17 - polly in the middle" about that polish-american baseball player the mother keeps raving over so excitingly.
8 Apr 2011
Life / Are Polish roads really this bad? [237]

Merged thread: The Polish roads - regarding that site, is what's written there accurate?

If so, what the hell is wrong with this country? I'm happy I don't have a drivers license so no need to experience driving here but living in a larger metropolitan area I have to wonder over the competence of these city planers when in smack middle of the city there are unpaved dirt roads with gigantic mud puddles and potholes.

And if ever I see any infrastructure improvements it's with an EU billboard sign next to it. Is Poland too poor to have the "basics" done right? Is it incompetence? If so, are the Polish in charge of planning and building roads? Because giving Poland money to ****** seems dumb then. Is it inexperience of running their own country? Do they hire foreign contractors? Or is there some national pride against that?

I am not trying to be insulting but I find a lot of life in Poland quite frankly baffling!
9 Feb 2011
Life / Getting pretty tired of the postal service here in Poland [55]

Ok, so I live in Poland because of my polish girlfriend, she works and lives here and i want to share my life with here, thus living here.

Now, I do most of my earnings by selling objects priced at about 10zl and post these to Sweden... i post several dozen letters a month and i am getting pretty tired of some of them "getting lost" i guess that means stolen... or by incompetence lost...

I know this probably comes off as an angry thread by me and I'm sorry for that but understand how much it ticks me off buying something, managing to sell it... package it, buy stamps, post it and then get angry mail from customers asking where their stuff is....

is there anything at all that can be done about this? is there anyone in an authority position that can be contacted? don't think it would do much complaining to the teller... tho i have tried that approach.

Sending each and every letter as recommended isn't really feasible since shipping would then cost so much compared to the actual value of the content. And besides, I pay them to perform a service, they screw it up and i'm supposed to pay even more for them to do their job right?
20 Oct 2010
Life / Where to buy some recreational stuff like... bongs for smoking "herbs" in Poland? [20]


I was wondering if there's a good online store in Poland for stuff like bongs and stuff for smoking "herbs", please don't flame me for asking...

Also, I do suffer from a lot of depressions and have recieved several prescribed medications for treating it but none works well except for benzodiazepam but those basically make me useless for productivity and lasts only a short while.

I did experiment a few years back with DXM and a single trip actually made me feel very happy for like 2 months following, so it worked better than any medication my doctors given me so far.

So my question is if there's any polish online store or EU webshop that can help with this, where I come from DXM is illegal in every form and does exist in any medication whatsoever.

PLEASE DON'T FLAME, I know some people have a tendancy to get all prissy whenever there's talk about anything beyond alcohol and the other usual suspects...
20 Sep 2010
Travel / Why won't internet work from the network provider on my Android phone -htc magic vodafone? [20]

@MichaelG Thanks man, but it turns out to be really wierd this problem.... I finally took the thumbs out of my ass and learned how to root it and installed tha cyanomod thing, so now i got android 2.2 instead of the original 1.6 vodafone version.... EVERY problem got resolved...

Just goes to show you I was right always thinking NEVER BUY a branded cellphone / computer.
18 Sep 2010
Travel / Why won't internet work from the network provider on my Android phone -htc magic vodafone? [20]

@alexw68 that's all fine and all if that's what you want, but can you choose to buy a prepaid card for limited time use in another country if the need would arise?

I think my phone is a 3G since it has the option in it's settings to only use 2G for battery conservation.

@convex Orange offers the HTC Magic? so I could go down to their store and see if i get better results?

Thread attached on merging:
Is there english language options on a polish bought Android?

Since my HTC Magic doesn't seem to be working out I was thinking of buying:

Samsung Galaxy S I9000 : : POLSKA DYSTRYBUCJA : : GWARANCJA SAMSUNG 24m : : bez simlocka

From: ja-samsung-24m-bez-simlocka.html?partner=1984

Now, my polish is almost completely absent so I was wandering if the phones you buy here still have the language choosing option?

I'm asking here in hopes of saving some time =)
18 Sep 2010
Travel / Why won't internet work from the network provider on my Android phone -htc magic vodafone? [20]

I just bought my first android phone, a htc magic vodafone from germany. no sim lock.

I now live in poland and am using the polish Play fresh. When using wifi i have no problem surfing the net, signing in to google, etc. etc...

But when i turn off the wifi and try it over the phone's carrier service I can't sign in, go online in any application, however, I can recive and make phone calls as well as sms. I even tried my swedish Halebop over roaming here in poland and i tried my girlfriends simplus, and my 3g era (starter) datacard which i use for my UMPC, NONE of them work.

UPDATE just got back home...

Well this is certainly an interesting development...

Seems like the people at the Play Fresh Store says my phone isn't supported by them.

Is this true? Do certain android phones not work with providers? Do you have to collect lists of supported models before you buy your phone? I want to buy a new more modern Android phone in Sweden because they're cheaper there than here in Poland, and i want it unbranded without all the crapware and logos the network providers riddle their phones with.
8 Jul 2010
Life / Barking Dogs in Poland [57]

If you have a neighbor calmly standing by his car washing it with a big nasty dog running back and forth along their fence barking all the time someone walks by on the street loudly and they ignore their dog like that then they have no common decency towards their fellow neighbors. I can't understand how they can just pretend they don't hear that and do nothing about it, just keep the friggin' mut indoors then it's nice and quiet.

This small city is so nice at night time when people keep their stupid animals indoors instead on their yard barking all day long. And the poorer neighborhoods even have them running around loose without any dog-collars...

Point is, there's dogshit all over the sidewalks and during spring when the snow is melting you have it floating around....

Can you even call some authorities on these morons for not taking responsible care of their animals? Also, the recommendation to talk to these people is at best a fantasy that they would listen and understand.

In case cops wont do anything and the neighbor continues to disregard their community what are some good places and brand names to buy these antifreeze and rat poison because my patience is running thin...
24 Mar 2010
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1049]

my 2 cents worth:

1. post office, they keep loosing things i send, and i sell over the internet so it's a big deal.

2. lack of credit card payment terminals (biedronka, netto, restaurants many many places, post office)

3. i was gonna add the lack of decent sidewalks, poor roadsystem etc but i think all the dogshit lying around everywhere is worse.
23 Mar 2010
Polonia / Ever been to Sweden? [185]

I live in sweden, i am swedish and also i live in poland