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Speaks Polish?: kind of

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28 May 2018
Work / Native English speaker looking to teach English in the Opole area of Poland. [29]

nobody learns English because the UK (yes, the UK, not 'England') is/was in the EU.
They learn it because of America.

And OP, please don't think that people will go mad for a 'native' speaker from the UK, they would rather learn American tbh, on the whole. Also people learn online, or from emigrating temporarily, or from TV and friends, from Skype - a 'native' speaker is almost superfluous these days.
28 May 2018
Law / Weapons laws in Poland. Carrying a concealed handgun? [916]

as it may be for him isn't pulling the bullsh1t black card which appears to be so damn hard for the rest of black and brown young men and women today...

so ONE guy is 'not playing the bullsh!t black card' but all the others are? RAtional . When are you going to learn to argue? lol.
22 May 2018
Life / Is time on Poland's side? Unsustainable future. [21]

all this infantile bickering gets in the way of an adult, on points, conversation

only an old English teacher would even talk like that...:) Just saying.
The 'long' words, the belittlement..
21 May 2018
USA, Canada / Victoria Day - Gotta love Canada! [12]

In Canada, May 21 signifies a statutory holiday: "Victoria Day", in honour of the Queen of Englands' Mother.

if i were you i would do some reading around it...:)
QV died in 1901.
QE was born in 1926.
Do the math.
2 May 2018
UK, Ireland / No Poles Allowed! - Latest Polonophobic Outrage Out of Britain [660]

the anti-polish sentiment has largely faded and today it is a fraction of what it was the 2 waves before

right thank you, so why are you still banging on about it? Unless you wish to fan the flames ?
Any situation where over a million people arrive from one country into another, is going to raise issues isnt it?

many brits and british media just lump us with the rest of the 'east European invader' pile.

and 'many' dont.

And no, you didnt see those headlines, you made them up.
2 May 2018
UK, Ireland / No Poles Allowed! - Latest Polonophobic Outrage Out of Britain [660]

The most they had against the Poles was that they ripped off the benefits system and committed fraud and some burglaries

that is not even true tbh. It was the swans...:D

Listen Polish are 'top of the pile' , above Romanians , Bulgarians, Albanians, Moldovans and goodness knows who else etc. Stop being so egotistical about it.
2 May 2018
UK, Ireland / No Poles Allowed! - Latest Polonophobic Outrage Out of Britain [660]

What bothers me is that there was so much anti-Polish sentiment in the British press

everyone goes on about that, but i dont see it. Other than a link to the Daily Mule of 7 years ago, could you provide any links?
30 Apr 2018
Work / Diary of a Teacher in Poland [181]

it's a bit sad though isn't it, to get all those qualifications and then work for a company that seems incapable of stringing an English sentence together...

Anyway Delph - stop pretending you are a high earner, you obviously are not. What happened with the PGCE? did you **** up the probationary year and leave the country?;;)
30 Apr 2018
Work / Diary of a Teacher in Poland [181]

unless they're under qualified of course.

that would be your answer.
To teach English as a second language, all you need is a four week certificate course. Most people that do this are graduates, but not all by any means.

To teach English as a school subject, one would need a degree, a year training course, plus a probationary year to get qualified.
25 Apr 2018
News / "It's too late for Germany" (but not for Poland) [1798]

You really think these muslim kids care about education and learning german so they can get a decent job?

i daresay some Muslim kids want to
" hang out with their buddies, collect benefits and maybe grope or rob some scary ass looking liberal hipsters walking on their street and sell some weed."

others not.
Your mind is very simplistic isnt it?
16 Apr 2018
Feedback / Political bias moderation on PF [22]

at least I had a father.

:0....<< that is supposed to be a shocked face btw...
Dolno dont let people get to you mate...