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9 Nov 2009
Love / My husband is Polish and I was wondering why he drinks all the time. [66]

How can any of you blame this woman for her husbands abuse of alcohol? What kind of backwards 1940's thinking is that? This is the twenty first century for crying out loud. This is the type of thing that would have come out of my grandfathers mouth...blaming others rather than taking responsibility for his being a drunk. This grandfather was Irish and married to a Polish woman...was he a drunk because she was Polish or because he was Irish? No, he was a drunk because he had an addiction to alcohol and chose to blame others rather than face the fact that he could never have another drink. Alcoholics can blame no one but themselves for drinking.

As for the lady who posed the question: I'm sure you've heard of Al-anon. I recommend that you make a call for more information regarding alcohol abuse.