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24 Oct 2009
Genealogy / Surnames Gall / Figura / Odrowaz [33]

Hi Angeline,

Are you still watching this thread? I see that my cousin also left a message on this thread about Zmuda families. I have some Gal, Figura and Stafira info that I collected this past summer while I was in Odrowaz (Odrowąż).

Figura, Michał, born in 1899
Czepiel, Anastazja
maternal grandparents: Czepiel, Józef and Knup, Katarzyna

father: Figura, Wojciech
paternal grandparents: Figura, Jan and Gal, Anna

I don't see the name Petin in my notes, but I do have a few Pitoń.

I am trying to locate other's who have ancestors from this small village Odrowąż in Malopolskie, near Nowy Targ. I am especially interested in seeing old photos taken of people, buildings, farms, and anything else in the village of Odrowaz.

My family names are Kulawiak, Kadłub, Stafira, Pagacz - all from Odrowąż, and surname Figura, from Czarny Dunajec.

Does anyone have any historical info to share?
14 Nov 2009
Genealogy / Poland Genealogy Resources [125]

I like PolishOrigins.
Membership is free and there is a very active forum. You can post inquires and join discussions about your ancestral village.

You can find it at www [dot] PolishOrigins [dot] com
15 Nov 2009
Genealogy / Red Hair - recessive gene from Poland? [108]

My Polish ancestors from the Nowy Targ area had red hair.
Last name Kadłub, or Kadlub. I heard there is a village called Kadłub, but I don't know anyone of my ancestors being from there.
3 Dec 2009
Genealogy / Vintage Photos of Polish ancestors [144]

These photos are so wonderful. I have only a precious few photos of my family in Poland and they give me almost no information about how my family lived. I especially love the photos taken in the small villages that give us a glimpse of what life was like for our ancestors.
5 Jan 2010
Genealogy / Paluch family from south Poland near the Czech frontier [25]

Go to PolishOrigins

and check their surname database. Paluch is included there. The member who submitted the Paluch surname has been researching his family history for over 30 years and his family is from southern poland, near the Sloviak border.
5 Jan 2010
Genealogy / Surnames Gall / Figura / Odrowaz [33]

Zmuda, Cepil, Gal, Figura, & Stafiera are all surnames from Odrowaz and nearby villages.
There are several members at Polish Origins who are also researching these names

I started a discussion thread about Odrowaz.
5 Jan 2010
Genealogy / Antolak, Gruza, Mirek - help with these surnames [8]

Jantolak -

There was a Jozef Antolak who was married to Marianna Gal in Odrowaz (southern Poland, near Nowy Targ). They had 3 children born in Odrowaz:
Antonia (born 1900)
Aneila (born in 1901)
Andrzej (born in 1906)

If you visit the PolishOrigins website / Antolak is in the surname list. There are members there who are also researching this name.
5 Jan 2010
Genealogy / Gorzelnik and/or Podgorczyk family tree [11]

This link will give you an idea of the current distribution of the name Gorzelnik in Poland: /mapa/kompletny/gorzelnik.


I checked the surname database at Polish Origin - your names have not yet been added by anyone else.

Good Luck with your research!
9 Mar 2010
Genealogy / Rebizanty village - looking for info [5]

I am looking for information about the small village of Rebizanty in the administrative district of Municipality Susiec, Within Tomaszów Lubelski County, Lublin Voivodeship. Almost all links on the internet lead to information about the lovely stream and waterfalls near this village, but I have not found information about the village itself.

I'm looking for ancestors named Rebizant who listed their home as Huta Różaniecka, but I have not found them in the Huta Różaniecka church records. I was recently told about Rebizanty and I am curious to learn more about this village. If you have information or photos to share about this village, I would love to hear from you.

25 May 2010
Genealogy / Rebizanty village - looking for info [5]

eett - please contact me through a private message on this post. I would like to learn more about your uncle in Rebizanty. Thank you, Shellie
30 Oct 2011
Genealogy / Surnames Gall / Figura / Odrowaz [33]

[Moved from]: Anyone here from Załuczne, or Odrowaz Podhalanski?

We are a group of American friends who have discovered that our families came from Załuczne, Odrowaz, and nearby Podhale villages. We would like to meet people who live, or once lived in these villages. Thank you!!