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20 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Where can I meet Polish girls / community in Manchester? [10]

Hi, it's my first time on this forum, I''m in my mid 40s, white British, but half Polish (father's blood in me, though I have only seen him about three times since I was about one year old.. Apparently, he lives in Gdansk but I haven't not since since I was there during the communism era. I would like to go back sometime, but I don't even know if he is still alive.

Anyway, that's not why I am posting. Basically, I want to meet and date a Polish girl (or should I say woman). I see them all the time in Manchester and they are so gourgous, yet I never see them out, so I don't know where to meet them. I see them in the Supermarket, in shopping in town, but it they are so hard to make eye contact with - and I would feel really stupid asking them out in a supermarket!!

It shouldn't really be so hard to fine them out - or is it that they are all in relationships with hunky Polish men.

Look, I'm a nice nice, friendly, warm, affectionate, creative guy, and just want to meet some Polish girls, even if just to go out, for a movies, or a meal, whatever, I just don't mind. I will even pay for them. I'm not desperate, just curios and they look and sound so sexy, much so than English girls.

Is there a special place where Polish girls hang out?

Can anyone advise me? Are there any Polish girls in Manchester on this forum who would like to contact me?

Would be interested to hear any replies.