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13 Feb 2012
Law / Driving Licence in Warsaw - how many times? (foreigners) [3]

Hi guys (and gals),

I have been looking for information about passing the driving test in Warsaw, but with little success.
I am currently enrolled with Imola, and all the formalities are clear and simple.

But has any of you here actually past the driving test in Warsaw? How many tries? Are they more strict with foreigners? I read polish people pass easy (lucky ones) or after a very long time (11-13 tries in extreme cases).

19 Nov 2009
Real Estate / Neighbourhoods in Warsaw - how safe? [23]

Hi guys,

thanks a lot for all your answers. I feel lighter now with my choice. :)

@sobieski - I guess it's because of all the multinationals that have offices around this area. The company I am going to work for, has it's office just around the corner of Galeria Mokotow. Even if you do have a car, it's preferable to be around 20-30 minutes to work, and not get stuck in traffic..right?

I tried Ursinow and Wilanow as well, but they are not as connected as Mokotow, and Warsaw center is just too crowded.

17 Nov 2009
Real Estate / Neighbourhoods in Warsaw - how safe? [23]

Hi all,

Does anyone of you know how safe is the Mokotów area in general? I want to move there, and the respective building is between some embassies and a tram depot, on ul. Bełska, but I cannot find any information on the web about it...

Would really appreciate some help.

Many thanks!