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teddy wilkin   
27 May 2010
Life / English channels on Poland's Cyfra+ [13]

Poor selection to be honest - BBC world, CNN and France News are all in Engish and then there are a few pretty crappy chanels where you can turn of the over-speak, but only when it is not a Polish programme!
teddy wilkin   
30 Mar 2010
Love / Are Polish mothers-in-law monsters? [79]

When I married my Polish wife 8 years ago I could not pronounce my mother in law's name so I was very happy to call her Mama, and it seemed to make her happy too.

Anyway, what's in a name?
teddy wilkin   
30 Mar 2010
Work / Average monthly salary in Poland is around 1000 PLN (few hundred bucks). [387]

Just found the Polish Statistics website

Here is a link on the average wages in Poland, but beware the average is not the best way to describe such as statistic as it is influenced by a small number of very high earners. Its better to use the median - Nearly all Poles earn between 2 and 4 thousand PLN a month.
teddy wilkin   
11 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / UK Ip address while living in Poland [14]

no they are not free, i pay about a tenner per month but have just discovered PirateBay and UKnova and so am considering a move to torrents
teddy wilkin   
17 Feb 2010
Real Estate / Help with Poland mortgages! (not married couple) [4]

I had to get some kind of credit check done years ago, to show that I was not in massive debt in the UK, before getting credit in poland. There is such a service available. I think I just did a search on the web for credit checks and I paid for one. When it arrived it was a list of all my credit, the dates that they were taken out and how much was left to pay. I then had to get a sworn translation of it and give it to the Polish bank.

Hope that helps
teddy wilkin   
16 Sep 2009
Life / British sky satellite TV in Poland [87]

check out

you will need to download a specific media player but it all works fine for me - just folllow the instructions!