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7 Sep 2009
Australia / HELP! Australian wanted to apply for Polish Passport via ancestory [50]

Hi Nic076 or anyone else who can help,

Your link was very informative.

I'm currently in the process of obtaining Confirmation of my Polish Citizenship via my grandfather who was born in Poland to obtain an EU Passport, hopefully within 12 months as planning on living and working in London by this time next year!!

As you've suggested, i've begun by requesting immigration papers from the National Archives and after paying the fee am waiting on certified copies to arrive.

In the meantime, as you've suggested i'd like to register my birth with the Polish Office and apply for a Polish Birth Certificate. You've indicated that you can do this at the same time when applying for Confirmation of Polish Citizenship. Could you please email me the website where I can find out what documents I require and where to send my application? I've tried looking for this Polish Office but i've just found websites all in Polish?

Also, once I have all required documents to submit to the Polish Consulate in Canberra, Australia, i'd like to get a Lawyer in Poland who speaks English to oversee all the communication. Could you please email me the contact details of the lawyer you used?

Thanks for you help!