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13 Sep 2010
Life / Passing your Polish language and culture to your kids [74]


you are wrong,so wrong!!!!
i am polish my husband is english,we live in england ,my daughter speaks english and polish perfect!!!!!
its possible and easy to do!!!we done it, and people who say is not that easy are just lazy and never put enought of work for that to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 Jan 2010
Life / Tattoos and Popular culture in Poland [51]

Tattoos are so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!People please do not get them done!
And you can get hiv,Zoltaczka...and blood possining....and what is the point????
People who have them look like.....well,just came out of prison...........
1 Jan 2010

What????????Monday is the first day of the week in Poland and always has been.
Why in England sunday is the first day of the week????if you call it weekend???????????????????????????????????????????????????strange..... .
11 Dec 2009
Genealogy / ABOUT KUKULKA [42]

First time i hear that Tarnow by krakow is not Poland!!!
10 Dec 2009
Genealogy / ABOUT KUKULKA [42]

Where was she born then????strange person................
9 Dec 2009
Genealogy / ABOUT KUKULKA [42]

Poland was Polish and is Polish and will be Polish.......i dont care that it didint exist on hte map for a few years...but we got it back,and it was always our land,so she was born in poland.and do know history...thank you
9 Dec 2009
Genealogy / ABOUT KUKULKA [42]

So what????it didnt exist....but it is and was our land always!!!!no matter what anybody poland was poland is poland and will be poland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!She was poland
29 Sep 2009
Law / Wish to start an Indian Store in Poland [34]

what??and who is going to buy indian costumes for example?????I dont think anybody in Poland is interested in indian about you open a sex shop in India?
22 Sep 2009
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

polish women are the most beautifull in the world!!!I always knew i am nice looking,but when i came to england for the first time and seen english girls.....well,no coment.............,i could not belive how we polish girls are sexy!!!