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30 Sep 2009
Genealogy / Surnames Gall / Figura / Odrowaz [33]

I used to work with a couple of polish people who's last name was Gal but I am not sure of what region of Poland that they had came from though.
1 Aug 2009
Food / Polish Pizza !! The best in the world? [194]

I totally disagree @Pawelek1 #36 and I must show you a source, but I can even do without. Read this. "Pizza first made its appearance in the United States with the arrival of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century." Where do you get that wrongly idea from ? American pizza is thick and totally not an Italian, thin pizza.

What the Italians invented was "Focaccia"
1 Aug 2009
Food / Polish Pizza !! The best in the world? [194]

In order to get the best Pizza in the world one has to travel to its origin: Italy. There and only there can the best pizza on a whole country level be found. I was there last year for a few days and i had Pizza for lunch and dinner every day, humm lovely.

Actually pizza is an American invention, what you find in Italy is tomatoe bread they don't use any meats it's a big difference from pizza.