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13 Aug 2010
Genealogy / Do Polish people have big noses? [447]

All crackers have big conical shaped noses.For real. No hatin'
David_18 .You posted that innocent african boy's picture out of your own cynical and sheer reckless raggedy asss truck! That was not good at all.Consider yourself a complete bigot. No hatin'.
22 Oct 2009
Life / Russian rap vs Polish rap [87]

I have had a couple of polish rap songs online and even watched some amazing underground hiphop like music.BTW I am black and like to see young "turks" like these guys trying to embrace this culture.Not all Rap is Crap As some of you say in this Forum.We know that this is an act of racism.Why would I care about bulsshit written by some crazy ass,feeble-minded,bigot-ass- kraut anyway?. To hell with you bro!! POLONIUS come on.Stop the hatin' and get your racist-ragedy a** crap deep down the drain!
20 Jul 2009
Study / Is Poland a good place to study for Black Africans? [90]

Well I got some few responses for the pro and cons of this 'white supremacy ideologies thing'.
Well leme fisrt congratulate mr.Torq ,SBKR85, Wroclaw Boy for being men out of 'thinking of clear thought than from mind-boggled,iconoclastic emotions' like those of ""my"" dude-Southern who obvosly thinks that having white colored skin gives always an impression of supremacy.

To prove him wrong is that we black people-we dont bite! we only face poor and undemocratic f***ing s***t that our leaders have imposed on us.We lack the resources but we got the capability.

LASTLY talk of distinguishing&culling the unprecedented flocks from the herd.I have obviously gotten an impression of how you guys are! Thanks everyone
17 Jul 2009
Study / Is Poland a good place to study for Black Africans? [90]

I am a kenyan citizen willing to relocate to poland for further studies. I am studing polish through some language translation software that I bought online recently. The question is IS POLAND A REALY GOOD PLACE TO STUDY for a black african? Are there racist morons and skinheads on the cheaper eastern side of the republic boardering Russia!

Can someone help me out please? to everyone ---Nikt nie klamac if you understand this!