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29 May 2010
Travel / Getting from Krakow to Warsaw [99]
Look for TLK trains (not IC / EC)- tickets cost around 50 zloty and it takes 2.44 minutes.
From Krakow to Warsaw there are three trains like that- after 5 am, just after 3 pm and few minutes after 8 pm.
12 Apr 2010
Travel / Sopot Music Festival [9]

I'm assuming you mean the Open'er festival (can't think of any others it could be) in which case you're going to miss it by a month - it's on from the 1st to the 4th of July
29 Dec 2009
Food / Where to buy Sloe Gin in Warsaw? [9]

Going to check in Bomi tomorrow but not getting my hopes up, don't fancy waiting until my next trip to England if I can help it
29 Dec 2009
Food / Where to buy Sloe Gin in Warsaw? [9]

Does anyone know where I can buy Sloe Gin in Warsaw?

I've looked in a few shops & checked the fine wine & spirits website but nothing so far, any help would be much appreciated
6 Jul 2009
Life / Price of cigarettes in Poland? [192]

Pretty sure you won't find Benson's any more in Poland, afaik they took the licence away because too many people were smuggling them to England.

You might find some old stock around but I havn't seen any in Warsaw for almost 2 years now.
10 May 2009
Food / What's your favorite Polish beer? [870]

Ciechan Pszeniczne for me & Ciechan Miodowe for the misses, wish they were easier to get hold of in Warsaw though.

Out of the usual Polish beers I still think Zywiec comes out on top.