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9 Mar 2007
History / Poles and Russians -- love-hate relationship? [209]

Russia has karma - such leaders as Putin. It seems so beyond hope. A huge country and great culture but it (almost) always has the leaders as "Messiah" and the illusions of the rule of the world remain.
22 Feb 2007
Life / Favourite Polish movies? [107]

...and Cezary Pazura! I saw just 'Ajlawju' and 'Nienasycenie'. He's great! Comediant and dramatic actor. In 'Nienasycenie' He makes three roles and all are different. What do you think of him?
20 Feb 2007
Life / Favourite Polish movies? [107]

I saw Polisz Kicz Projekt, director Mariusz Pujszo. That's type of irony that I prefer, kurka wodna. :) Is that film well-known in Poland?