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6 Aug 2009
Life / Things that annoy you in Poland. [113]

And no matter how many times it is advised, it still isn't true. The tap water here is perfectly safe to drink.

What's your source of information? If this is true then I'll save a lot of money on bottled water!
23 Apr 2009
Food / What's your favorite Polish beer? [870]

Been living in Poland for coming on to 4 years now and when I first got here I obviously only drank the popular beers such as zywiec, tyskie and lech.

Went off them very quickly and only really continued to drink lech as it isn't too bad.

BUT the best beers I have tasted in Poland and the ones I continue to drink are:

Perła and £omża, these really are great tasting beers and held in pretty high regard by

Highly recommend them!

Also "Specjal" but it's not readily available
9 Apr 2009
Life / There is still no option to recycle in Warsaw! [18]

Actually I will slag off Warsaw because for the amount of tax we have to pay the council does not do their job.

Related: Paper shredding / recycling in Warsaw?

I have two large bags of confidential paper documents that I need to dispose of in Warsaw.
I don't have a shredder and I'm not taking the risk of dumping the papers in the recycling bin next to my building.
Does anyone know of a paper recycling centre in Warsaw with a shredding machine that I can use for free?
Otherwise it seems the only alternative is to find a place to burn them, which I'd rather not do.

An impoverished agent 90-60-90? Just kidding: Try here?
9 Apr 2009
Travel / Starbucks in Poland? [149],95190,6457779,Pierwszy_w_Polsce_Starbucks_na_Nowym_Swiecie.html
8 Apr 2009
Life / There is still no option to recycle in Warsaw! [18]

I'm very surprised that there is still no option to recycle any garbage in Warsaw!!!

In UK it is normal to sort any waste into separate bins which is then picked up and recycled by the bin men.

I think that this is a major issue considering that Warsaw is a capital city.