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5 Mar 2010
USA, Canada / Tracking a package through the Polish Postal system sent from US [57]

I sent a letter from the United States to Poland. I sent it U.S. Express, only because I wanted someone to sign for it. - Signature required. This way I know it was delivered.

I checked the U.S. Post office website, where it allows me to track the delivery. It indicates that delivery was attempted on March 3rd, 2010 I'm assuming nobody was home; probably still at work. The delivery attempt was at 4:31 PM.

What happens now ?

Do you think the Polish mail carrier left a note in the mailbox, telling them that they had a package that requires a signature ? Would the note ask someone to stop by the post office, to pick this package up ?

Also, I am wondering... If the Polish mail carrier would have left a note, what "other" information would he (or she) include with that note ?

Would the note say who the package was from ? The name of the person ?

Would the note include the address (and country of origin) of the sender ?

What are the normal post office hours in Poland, during the week and on Saturday ?

-- Thanks !!
1 Mar 2010
Love / They seem nice, but could Polish girls be "gold diggers"? [196]

This is an interesting thread (topic).

I've thought about scenarios like these before, where a guy marries a woman, then a short while later, or maybe a few years later, she files for divorce and gets HALF of everything.

I think it might be a good idea for a guy, to carefully think everything out beforehand. If he has some degree of money or wealth, he should put the majority of it in a trust, before he gets married. Then make his mother (or someone he really - really trusts) to be the executor of that trust. The guy would become a beneficiary of the trust.

There are smart landlords that do this type of thing, here in the United States. Let's say some guy has a few duplexes or rental properties. He puts every single property in a seperate TRUST. Then if 1 of his stupid tenants tries to sue him......too bad, everything - all the properties are in different trusts. As far as the tenant is concerned, this guy only owns just 1 duplex.

The plaintiff's attorneys aren't going to file a major lawsuit against somebody, who doesn't appear to have any real wealth or money. Why would attorneys sue somebody, if they can't verify that this person has any real money, and that he will be able to get their attorney fees ?

A lot of women you can't trust. I remember years ago, my sister had some kind of boyfriend standing in our driveway, working on her truck, putting in a brand new carbeurator. This was years ago, in the early 1990's.

Anyway, I said "Hey, your boyfriend is out there putting that carbeurator in your truck. You should at least go out there and talk to the guy." - She said.....she really didn't even like the guy, she was just using him, so he would pay for a new carbeurator and install it for her.

Another time, she needed a car. I gave her a car I had, after I bought a new car for myself. I gave it to her for FREE. A few days later, I notice she has several department store bags, with brand new clothes. I ask her where she got the money to buy the clothes. She said she got the money, by selling the car that I gave her. She said she sold the car for $600.00 - Again, this was in the early 1990's.

Geeez.... If I knew she was just going to turn around a few days later, and sell the car, I would have SOLD the car myself and put the $600.00 in my own pocket.

But there are a lot of bad / freeloading guys out there too. A lot of guys that don't work, but expect their girlfriends or wives to do everything --- work, cook and clean.
1 Mar 2010
USA, Canada / Tracking a package through the Polish Postal system sent from US [57]

How are packages sent to Poland, via Federal Express, from the United States, handled by Polish Customs ?

If I send something FedEx, does it bypass Polish Customs completely ?

I sent a package to Poland, from the United States, via U.S. Express Mail, about 10 days ago. The cost $28.00 I only opted to send it via U.S. Express Mail, because I wanted to be sure my envelope was delivered, and that someone, in fact, signed for it.

They lady at the U.S. post office said it would be delivered within 5 business days. I still haven't received any confirmation (online) that my package (envelope) has been delivered. I understand that the U.S. Post Office doesn't really have any control over what happens to mail, once it enters another country.

I'm guessing.....the delivery is being delayed, because of a detour through Polish Customs. There was nothing of any value (to anyone else) inside my envelope. Just a letter, pictures and copies of old documents, from the year 1975.
19 Oct 2009
Love / How common is it for husbands in Poland to open their wife's mail ? [30]

Thanks for all the thoughts and comments.


Yes, I do have a collection of old movies of myself. Some going back to when I was 3 years old.

I recently had a lot of old family movies (with my American family), on 8mm film (some dating back to the mid 1950's) transferred to DVD. At some point, if my mom is interested, I could put together a dvd of myself, for my mother (in Poland).
17 Oct 2009
Love / How common is it for husbands in Poland to open their wife's mail ? [30]


I selected about 30 pictures taken of me over the years.

Included is a picture of my original Polish passport to America (circa 1975) and the photo that was affixed to it. My mother would recognize the person in that picture, since it was taken within several weeks of our separation.

I took everything to Kinkos and laid the pictures out on 8 x 11 sheets of white paper (for a background). Then the pictures were were printed on 8 x 11 glossy card stock paper. The pictures look very good. The quality is good. The pictures sort of tell a story by themselves, about what I looked like growing up and the events of my life and things I had been involved in, through the years.

I have a couple friends in Poland. One person suggested she would be willing to drive to my mother's workplace and hand-deliver my envelope (package) to her. Initially I thought this might be a good idea, but I'm starting to think perhaps not, at least from the perspective of my mother.

I'd imagine that most people, if they had a visitor stop by their workplace to hand-deliver a package, they might be pretty interested in opening it pretty quickly, out of curiosity. Especially if the letter had a foreign return address on it.

If my mother opened the letter at work, or maybe worse yet, in front of her co-workers, the whole thing might be pretty unsettling. Especially with pictures and everything.

My goal is to travel to Poland within the next 7 to 12 months. I could visit the country and then meet-up with my family.

The last time I was in Poland, was 22 years ago, during the summer of 1987. I was only 13 years old. I was touring the country for 3 weeks with my American family. This was shortly after the nucular accident in Chernobyl, Russia. I remember people in the restaurants, advising me not to eat the strawberries that came with my cake (dessert).

The American dollar was so "strong" then. I remember standing in a line in Gdansk to buy ice-cream. I'd already had 2 ice-cream cones and wanted a 3rd. When I got to the window, I reached in my pocket and realized I was out of Polish currency. So I offered to give the lady 1 American dollar. The lady told me I would have to wait for a handful of people behind me, to buy their ice-cream, before she would have enough change for me. I told the lady not to worry about it, to just keep the change. I mean really, I paid $1 for ice-cream cones in my hometown in N.Y., all the time back then. As soon as I said that, some Polish guy that could speak English and over-heard my conversation, stepped out of line and started laughing. He said: "You crazy Amerikanski."

I remember things were so cheap in Poland, I could go in to a store and just point to the shirts on the wall, the guy behind the counter would gather the 7 or 8 shirts, and I never even thought about how much they would cost. And I only had my paper-route and lawnmower money.

Then I went to a department store and bought a couple suitcases. I bought all kinds of hand-tools in the same department store and loaded up my suitcases. Then when I got back home to America, I found out some of the sockets and wrenches I bought, didn't even work on my lawnmower or bicycle. I thought I had been ripped off. But nope, that was my introduction to the "metric system."
16 Oct 2009
Love / How common is it for husbands in Poland to open their wife's mail ? [30]

How common is it for husbands in Poland to open mail that is addressed to their wife ?

A friend in Poland, told me that this is fairly common in Poland.

I plan to send a letter to someone in Poland. The subject matter is very personal.

I wonder if I send my letter and pictures in a U.S. Priority Mail cardboard box or a FedEx box, if a husband might be a little less inclinced to open a package ?

The person I'm sending the package to, is a relative who I haven't been in contact with, in 33 years. My mother. We have been separated, since I was 17 months old. I don't even know if my mother know's I've been living in the United States, all these years.

Also, does anyone know if the postal service in Poland delivers registered mail ? Obviously, I can't send a registered letter from the United States to Poland. But if Poland does deliver registered mail, I could send my letter (or package) to a friend in Poland. Then they could mail it to my relative - as registered mail.

If my mother could go to the post office and personally sign for the letter or package, that would be great. Her husband not being able to sign for it himself either, would be ideal.

I also have the address where my mother (in Poland) lives and the name of the health care organization or hospital where she works (in Warsaw). I could have someone deliver my letter (or package) to her house (in Legionowo) or hand-deliver it to her, where she works, but she might find that a bit intrusive and perhaps an invasion of her privacy.

Any thoughts or commentary would be appreciated.

I'm at the end of a long 13 year search to locate my mother in Poland. I just want to ensure she gets the letter (or small package). I'd hate for the husband to open my letter (or package), not tell her about it and keep it a secret.
3 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / List of colleges & universities (in the USA) that offer Polish courses [14]

I'm already registered for Polish language classes (for this fall) at Ohio State. I plan to study Polish for 3 quarters. I class per quarter.

I will be moving to Columbus, Ohio, from Toledo, Ohio, in a few weeks. Since the class meets in the middle of the day, I'll have to find a 2nd or 3rd shift - type of pay the rent and bills.

I also learned that Wayne State University, in the Detroit, Michigan (metro area) offers courses in the Polish language.
2 Aug 2009
Genealogy / Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents [99]

contact me thru Polish Forums. Try to officially register with a username.

My story is similiar to yours. I already located my family - back in Poland.

I have a few ideas to suggest.

If you have a name and maybe some other information, like approximate age and a city, I could check a couple Polish social networking sites for you.

Send me a message - okay...
28 Apr 2009
USA, Canada / List of colleges & universities (in the USA) that offer Polish courses [14]

I thought it might be helpful, if users could compile an extensive list of colleges and universities (in the United States), that offer courses in Polish language, history and culture.

Madonna University - Livonia, Michigan

The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
22 Mar 2009
Genealogy / Adopted from Poland; trying to find my biological parents [99]

My story is basically the same as yours.

You were born in Poland and adopted by American citizens ? -Yes ? Me too !!

Okay, where you are in your search, is pretty much were I was at, 1-year ago. But my search has had some speed bumps along the way. I just received the address for my mom (back in Poland), just this week.

This week I also got the address for my step-sister's mother. My step-sister was adopted from the same orphanage as me. We are not biologically related. We began the search for her mother, about 5 months ago.

If you want to trade notes, feel free to contact me thru this website or post a message. -I'll check back periodically.